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Let us consider the help to RectangleWindow SignalProcessing-RectangleWindow.pdf
Let us execute the example, taking N:=4 (in order to display the outputs).

N := 4;
a := GenerateUniform(N, -1, 1);
         Matrix(1, 4, [[.396167882718146, -.826878267806025, -0.908376742154361e-2, .324899681378156]])         
         Vector[row](4, [.396167882718146, -.826878267806025, -0.908376742154361e-2, .324899681378156])      
c := Array(1 .. N, 'datatype' = 'float'[8], 'order' = 'C_order'):
RectangleWindow(Array(1 .. N, 'fill' = 1, 'datatype' = 'float'[8], 'order' = 'C_order'), 'container' = c);
              Vector[row](4, [1., 1., 1., 1.])
u := `~`[log](FFT(c)):
plots:-display(Array([plots:-listplot(Re(u)), plots:-listplot(Im(u))]));

We see an uncommented code which (intentionally or unintentionally) produces two empty plots.
The questions arise:

  • What is the aim of the RectangleWindow command which does nothing 
    but the conversion of a Matrix(1,N,...) /Array(1..N,...) to a Vector[row](N,...)? 
  • Could such help be called friendly to Maple users?

There are many questions to Maplesoft and there are no answers from them: strategic silence.


When I call up a Help page I see mostly boxes with question marks inside. If I copy the page into Word I get a badly formatted document in Canbria font. On other pages I get a font drop down box that indicates the page is in DejaVu Sans font and if I then change that to some font on my system (MAC 10.12.1) I get a perfectly readable document. Is there some preference, startup code or setting I can change to fix this annoyance?

I am experimenting with creating help files for  my own package.

I have saved  a package overview file and one package command  file into a help data base as a test usingTools, Help Database, Save as Help Page.

These 2 help pages work in principle as i can find them when I search for them and the command  help page opens from the overview page. I now need to edit them. So I edit the original worksheets and use Tools, Help Database, Save as Help Page to update the data base.

Now Maple will not let me overwrite the original page.The Help file savy you can overwrite. So I have to delete the original page first then resave it back in. This involves reentering all the data again. Topic Alisies and Table of contents.

To say the least this is extremely tedious  vastly innefficient and very error prone. I will have upto say 40 help pages to edit and they will require some expirementing with.

Is there a better way to do this?


Hve added this line the the bottom of the worksheet

makehelp('`Rational Trigonometry`', "Rational Trigonometry Overview", " C:\Users\Ronan.Ronan-PC\maple\toolbox\UserHelp\lib\")

get     Error, (in readline) file or directory does not exist



Thanks to the help of several list members I managed to translate and update some old procedures.  These procedures were part of a packcage and they all had help files.   Here is an example


# E. Mendes - 25/04/94

`FUNCTION: sampling - finds the discretized model`,
` `,
` sampling(f)`,
` sampling(f,k)`,
` sampling(f,k,vars)`,
` f - state space`,
` k - order of approximation`,
` vars - variables`,
`- sampling(f,k) returns a discrete approximation for a continuous`,
` system`,``,
` dx(t)/dt=f(x(t),u(t)) `,
`EXAMPLE: `,``,
`> with(linalg):`,
`> f:=vector([x2,x3,-x1+x2^2+2*x3]):`,
`> sampling(f,1)`,
` 2`,
` [- x1, x2 + x1 ]`,``,
`SEE ALSO: fixpoind, fixpoinc`):


I have browsed the help documentation but I must confess I don't feel comfortable to modify the help database.  Do I have to wrap all the functions up as a package and then write the help files?   I am lost here.  Any help will be most welcome.

Many thanks




Hey MaplePrimes

I have been having a problem with almost all of my documents in maple. I have had a lot of notes and everything for my school on different documents, but I can't open them. When I want to open them, they show a little with "How do you want to open this file?" with the options "Maple Text, Plain Text, Maple Inputs" and I have tried them all, but my document won't show. It's really unfortunate because all of my school stuff is on these documents.

I was learning about Maple, but I do not understand this code below. This does not look correct.

When I type it on my worksheet, I get these errors



Sometimes I wonder if any one at Maplesoft actually looks at their own help web pages and try to use them, or is just the poor users who do that.


Sorry when referencing something written in  explianatory notes in the function advisor / help pages, who do i quote as being  the author?

Hello All,

(I also sent this fact to Maplesoft Support).

Since I updayed to 2016.1 the F1 key does bring a menu witch send to..F5 only.

No way to have a "full" Help Menu.(See the attached file)

I guess a silly bug jumped in :)

Kind regards,




Hello I'm having trouble create Konigsberg Graph on Maple. Here's the picture. Sorry if it's not clear enough. Thanks!


I've this equation ,what is displacement,

U := sum(C[i]*lambda[i]*h^2*M*(C[13]+C[55])*exp(Z*lambda[i]*M)*cos(M*x)/C[11], i = 1 .. 4);
 But when I used the data ,I do not get the right result

the datas are

h := .25;
M := Pi/L; L := 1;
E[3] := 1; E[1] := 40; E[2] := 1;
V[13] := .25; V[31] := .25; V[12] := .25; V[23] := .25; V[32] := .25; V[21] := .25;

G[44] := .2; G[55] := .2; G[66] := .2;

G[13] := .5;

C[55] := G[13];

Omega := -2*V[13]*V[21]*V[32]-V[12]*V[21]-V[13]*V[31]-V[23]*V[32]+1;

C[11] := (-V[23]*V[32]+1)*E[1]/Omega;

C[12] := (V[13]*V[32]+V[12])*E[2]/Omega;

C[33] := (1-V[12]*V[12])*E[3]/Omega;


C[1] := -.2596702449; C[2] := -2.411545729; C[3] := -0.6051254981e-1; C[4] := .4085627399;

lambda[1] := .6891428810; lambda[2] := -.6891428810; lambda[3] := 9.177422410; lambda[4] := -9.177422410;

could you help me plase

So I installed copied DirectSearch.hdp and DirectSearch.mla into my Maple2015\lib directory and the program works (all the functions are there) but I cant get help menu by querying ?DirectSearch.

I'm running win7 64bit btw

so under


i put this into maple:


but i get error....

"Converting C:\\Program Files\\Maple 2015\\lib\\DirectSearch.hdb to C:\\Program Files\\Maple 2015\\lib\\"
Warning, .hdb help databases are deprecated, 'C:\Program Files\Maple 2015\lib\DirectSearch.hdb' will not be used, see ?HelpTools,Migrate help page for more information
Error, (in HelpTools:-HelpCallUI) cannot create help database: 'unable to open database file'

any clue?

ps I asked the same question for M18 but I managed to get the help to work in that instance.

(i also copied DirectSearch.hdp and DirectSearch.mla to Maple2015\bin.X86_64_WINDOWS directory but no joy, there is no .help file created in either bin or lib directories)

Hello those in mapleprimes,


I have a question.

I opened Help and entered diff, for example, to have the explanation of how to use diff.

Whether it is diff or not, is not the problem I want to ask about now. But, what I want to ask is the following.

I cklicked the WS botton at the tool bar of the Help, so that I created the worksheet of the same contents of the help of the diff.

Then, I chose an expression in Calling Sequence. That is,

the first line shows

diff(f,x1, ..., xj)     on the left, and on the right \frac{d^j}{dx_j \cdots dx_I} f (I wrote this in the TeX ways, though

it is written in 2-D math input, actually)


I chose an expression on the right side, and from context menu, which appeared though right clicking of my mouse,

I selected convert to and 1-D math input, through which I changed 2-D math of the worksheet of the help file to 1-D math input.

Then, the expression shown is a strange one:

((ⅆ)^j)/(ⅆx[j] `...` ⅆx[`1`]) f;


This is still easier one. As for the third line in the Help, it has a more complicated form as

((ⅆ)^r)/(ⅆx[k]^m ⅆx[j] `...` ⅆx[3] ⅆx[2]^n ⅆx[1]^n) f;


Do you know how this way to notate is applied in maple worksheet?

Why does maplesoft use this way to notate expressions limited to the Help pages, if it is limited to the help pages.


Thanks in advance.



about the help menu of maple2015

I cannot find the help-manual menu at th maple2015

but I can find it at maple18.

how can I use the help-manuals..-List of Packages  from maple2015?




I started to notice strange things happening to Maple help pages lately when I google something. I think someone is changing them from inside Maplesoft? Now they look hard to read since I see text below another text and also can't copy it to retype it in my notebook since the syntax is not even valid. Here is a screen shot


I thought at first my browser was playing games on me. But I tried it with firefox and Chrome and after refreshing, and the pages still look mangled like the above.

Since I find it hard to believe someone at Maplesoft will make help pages like the above on purpose, where text falls below the line and it not even possible to interpret it when one wants to copy it, since the syntax is not even valid Maple syntax, I would have to imagine there is a bug somewhere inthe help pages generation.  But if so, someone must have seen it before me. I can't be the only person in the world who is googling Maple help.

This is why I am asking.

Is everyone seeing the same thing I am seeing? I am on windows 7, using Latest browsers.

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