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We have just released the 3rd edition of the Mathematics Survival Kit – Maple Edition.

The Math Survival Kit helps students get unstuck when they are stuck. Sometimes students are prevented from solving a problem, not because they haven’t understood the new concept, but because they forget how to do one of the steps, like completely the square, or dealing with log properties.  That’s where this interactive e- book comes in. It gives students the opportunity to review exactly the concept or technique they are stuck on, work through an example, practice as much (or as little) as they want using randomly generated, automatically graded questions on that exact topic, and then continue with their homework.

This book covers over 150 topics known to cause students grief, from dividing fractions to integration by parts. This 3rd edition contains 31 additional topics, deepening the coverage of mathematical topics at every level, from pre-high school to university.

See the Mathematics Survival Kit for more information about this updated e-book, including the complete list of topics.


Find and classify all the critical point(s) for 

f(x,y)=x3 + 3xy2 - 15x + y3 - 15y .

So, i have 3 vectors:




where a,b,c are constants.

such that A is perpedicular on B and C, and the scalar product B*C=2.I have to estimate this constants using an iterative algorithm on Maple and then solve the problem using predefined function from Maple and compare the results.If you have an idea pls let me know.Thank you.Sry if I wasn't clear.

Let be the number z so that |z+3-2*I| + |z-3-8*I| = 6*sqrt(2). Find min and max of the modulus of z. How can I find min and max of modulus of z with Maple.

Thank for your help!

How to write procedure to find factorial n? Induction to be used.



I need to calculate the following complex integral:

oint_C { [(z^4exp(2z)+1)/(z+i)^3] - [(z^3+z)/{(z-2i)(z-5)}] + 8*Pi*exp } dz,


Where C is the circumference |z-1| = sqrt(11/2), positively oriented.


Someone can help me, I already researched but I can not integrate.

I need help with these two questions. anything is helpful

Each day
a:=a+5% of a -(0.1% of a+b)-10

b:=b+5%of b -(0.1% of a+b)-10
In how many days i have a+b=0?

Hi, I know the commands for when both curves/functions are y=....., but not when one of them is y=... and the other is a straight line going through the x-axis. I would like to be able to find the points of intersection in decimals, to plot them together such that I can see the points of intersection and finally I need to find he area enclosed between the two. Would appreciate your help.

Find the set of solutions of each of the linear congruence:

a) x≡3x≡3 (mod 5).

b) 2x≡52x≡5 (mod 9).

My question is: Use the laplace transform to solve the system.

dx/dt + d^2y/dt^2 = 5e^(2t)

dx/dt - x - dy/dt + y = 8e^(2t)

x(0) = 2, y(0) = 1, y'(0) = 1

What I've done in Maple:

eq5 := (diff(x(t), t)+diff(y(t), t$2) = 5*exp(2*t), t, s);

eq5s := laplace(%, t, s);

eq6 := (diff(x(t), t)-x-(diff(y(t), t))+y = 8*exp(2*t), t, s);

eq6s := laplace(%, t, s);

solve({eq5s, eq6s}, {laplace(x(t), t, s), laplace(y(t), t, s)});

subs({x(0) = 2, y(0) = 1, (D(y))(0) = 1}, %);

eq3 := invlaplace(%, s, t);

How do I simplify?  If you plug it into maple I come up with an answer that has x and y on each side.  I guess I'm just wondering how I can set them equal to each other to solve and get rid of the variable x and y.  I know answer is correct as I've also ran it through ODEtest.  Please help.

However you figure out getting rid of the variables I assume will help me also in solving the next problem:

Use the Laplace Transform to solve the system

dx/dt = 7x - y + 6z

dy/dt = -10x + 4y - 12z

dz/dt = -2x + y - z

x(0) = 5, y(0) = 7, z(0) = 2

I have attempted the second problem much like the first.  Thank you for your time.

Generate 8 random 3 by 3 matrices using the RandomMatrix command from the  LinearAlgebra package. As each matrix is generated use Eigenvalues to compute its eigenvalues. Then take the product of the eigenvalues, and check that for each matrix, this product is equal to the determinant of the matrix.  

How can I plot a paraboloid?


This question explores the family of differential equations dy/dx=sqrt(􏰐 1 +􏰏( a*x )+ 􏰏 (2 *y)) for various values of the parameter a.  

For the case a = 􏰐 0 find the analytical solution that passes through the point (0, 1) and verify that this is a solution to the differential equation. Use this solution to find the value of y correct to 4 decimal placeswhen x=􏰐1. 

In maple i did

i got the answer x + sqrt(3)

as shown in the markscheme. please cluld anyone help how to get y before this step and what to do after.




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