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i noticed members use such tags in their post very rarely in mapleprimes

and i am confused whether ?

there is a list of special html tags that are supported in "HTML Source Editor" of mapleprimes

that are compatible with it ? or all tags described in html5 or html4 are compatible ?

i just tested a few of those tags and they work excellent ...

Viewing an html application at the application center results in some problems which doesn't allow to view the application in it's html format.

ok I want to extract data from
So in maple I type:

HTTP[Get](" _3024-AsianStocks_HONG_KONG.html", timeout = 100)

but this only give me a bunch of crap and no data and is extremly slow.

What can I do to get the data in a much more efficient way?

First,a Maple file is exported as the html file,but it took too much time to load the applet(com.maplesoft.applets.MathMLViewer)to display the mathematical symbols,such as the symbols of integral and differential,as shown in Figs.1 and 2.How to accelerate
loading rate of Java applet?
Second,the problem will occur in the browsers of IE and firefox that the equation is incomplete display as shown in Figs3.Is there a method can handle the problem?
The last,using the...

How can I save a webpage as a text file? Not the source code. When I save a webpage from I.E. as a text file it seems to strip out a lot of the source code and I end up with a simple text file. Take this wikipedia webpage as an example Now if I use Maple it grabs everything on the page, source code included which I do not want. Is there an easy way or must I create some code in maple (http surgery so to speak) to strip out the excess?

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