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i used this  commend to plot three equation and it actually work .my question her how to show any point cordinates just i pointed on it ? could i do it by maple or what ?
help please 
implicitplot3d({f[1], f[2], f[3]}, Q[h] = 0 .. 100, S[h] = 0 .. 100, R[h] = 0 .. 100);

Let A and B be regions in space defined through f(x,y,z) > 0 and g(x,y,z) > 0, respectively.  How does one plot the surface of the object A ∩ B in Maple?

In Mathematica there is a command RegionPlot3D for that.  See sample here.  Perhaps there is an equivalent one in Maple that I don't know of.

How can I ask Maple to plot intersection of two implicitplot3d? It is explained how to draw the union in the Maple help by simply entering a list to combine plots, but I didn't see anything about intersection.

A system of algebraic equation

in terms of x, y, z

how draw 3 different circles to show the range of possible values for x, y and z respectively?

it may not be a circle 

It may be 3 bounded area graph to show the range of x , y , z respectively



like the graph in many examples in

algebraic and geometric ideas in the theory of discrete optimization

bound area have color

Dear All,

I am plotting the following function using implicitplot command.:

plots[implicitplot3d]((17.31626331*M^3-(4*(z[1]-z[2])^2*M^2-1.171300684*(z[1]+z[2])^2)*(1.082266457-2*M)*(1.082266457-3*M))^2 = 4.598621420*(z[1]+z[2])^2*M*(1.082266457-2*M)^3*(4*(z[1]-z[2])^2*M^2-1.171300684*(z[1]+z[2])^2), M = 0 .. 1, z[1] = 0 .. 10, z[2] = -10 .. 0);

How can I extract data points from the plot obtained

      Inspired by the theme
Examples in the Mathematica did Alexander Bannikov.
It is equidistant radius 0.1 to the surface

   (x1 ^ 2 + x2 ^ 2-0.4) ^ 2 + (x3 + sin (x1 * x2 + x3)) ^ 4-0.1 = 0;

and an example of parameterization the same surface

As I have understood from the words of Alexander Bannikov, parameterization was performed using the functions: RegionFunction, ContourPlot3D, ClippingPlanes.

It turns out that Maple functions inferior?

I have code 

implicitplot3d((r*sin(theta)*cos(phi))^2+(r*sin(theta)*sin(phi))^2+(r*cos(theta))^2=36,r=-3..3, phi=0..2*Pi,theta=0..Pi,coords=spherical);

How can I fix the code to display the picture

Trying to plot the function 7*x^2+22*xy+7*y^2+14*xz*sqrt(3)+14*yz*sqrt(3)-5*z^2 = 180, I tried using implicitplot3d to plot it, with ranges I'm quite certain should contain the surface but for whatever reason all I get is a blank plot with no graphics. Here's my input:


Loading plots

[animate, animate3d, animatecurve, arrow, changecoords,

complexplot, complexplot3d, conformal, conformal3d,

contourplot, contourplot3d, coordplot, coordplot3d,

densityplot, display, dualaxisplot, fieldplot, fieldplot3d,

gradplot, gradplot3d, implicitplot, implicitplot3d, inequal,

interactive, interactiveparams, intersectplot, listcontplot,

listcontplot3d, listdensityplot, listplot, listplot3d,

loglogplot, logplot, matrixplot, multiple, odeplot, pareto,

plotcompare, pointplot, pointplot3d, polarplot, polygonplot,

polygonplot3d, polyhedra_supported, polyhedraplot, rootlocus,

semilogplot, setcolors, setoptions, setoptions3d, spacecurve,

sparsematrixplot, surfdata, textplot, textplot3d, tubeplot]
implicitplot3d(7*x^2+22*xy+7*y^2+14*xz*sqrt(3)+14*yz*sqrt(3)-5*z^2 = 180, x = -50 .. 50, y = -50 .. 50, z = -50 .. 50, axes = normal);


Not sure what I'm doing wrong exactly. 

Hello everyone,

I have an issue that I don't know how to solve.
I would like to plot a part of a surface that is enclosed by another surface. I wrote a proc() function with an if statement and when the statement is statisfienied I returned desired function. The roblem is that if statement gets ploted as well..

Here is my proc()

yield := proc (sigma__x, sigma__y, tau__xy, sigma__cx, sigma__cy, f__45, f__cx, f__cy, tau__u, f__tx, f__ty, alpha)

if eval(evalf(f__r(sigma__x, sigma__y, tau__xy, f__tx, f__ty, alpha)) < 0) then

return f__h(sigma__x, sigma__y, tau__xy, sigma__cx, sigma__cy, f__45, f__cx, f__cy, tau__u)

else 9999999

end if

end proc;

Here is my plot request:

Explore(implicitplot3d('yield(sigma__x, sigma__y, tau__xy, sigma__cx, sigma__cy, f__45, f__cx, f__cy, tau__u, f__tx, f__ty, alpha)' = 0, sigma__x = -10 .. 10, sigma__y = -10 .. 10, tau__xy = 0 .. 10, style = surfacecontour, numpoints = 100000, axes = normal), parameters = [f__cx = 0.1e-3 .. 10, f__cy = 0.1e-3 .. 10, f__45 = 0.1e-3 .. 10, sigma__cx = 0.1e-3 .. 10, sigma__cy = 0.1e-3 .. 10, tau__u = 0.1e-3 .. 10, f__tx = 0.1e-3 .. 10, f__ty = 0.1e-3 .. 10, alpha = 0.1e-3 .. 10]

 and this is what i get:


The grainy surface should not be there. If it's not possible to remove it, it would be alright that surface would be smooth. Any ideas?


implicitplot3d((x+y+z)^2=0, x=-100..100,y=-100..100,z=-100..100)

can be plot, and only show me an empty box.

and i get the same empty box when i reduce the interval.

for example :

implicitplot3d((x+y+z)^2=0, x=-5..5,y=-5..5,z=-5..5)


implicitplot3d((x+y+z)^2=0, x=-0.1..0.1,y=-0.1..0.1,z=-0.1..0.1)

please help me.

thanks for reading this question, and i hope i get an answer.

For implicitplot of say (cos(\theta))^2, I had to use 'factor' in the options for the plot so that it considers cos(theta) also while plotting. But I couldn't do the same in implicitplot3d. How can I achieve this plotting of all factors of a function for implicitplot3d?

Hi, I have defined two functions:

ex1 := (x,t,z) -> -1.132*10^(11)* exp(9.9*10^(6)*x)*exp(sqrt(-1)*(1.95*10^6*z-2.98*10^15*t))


ex2 := (x,t,z) -> -2.82*10^(12)* exp(2*10^(6)*sqrt(-1)*x)*exp(sqrt(-1)*(1.95e*10^(6)*z-2.98*10^(15)*t));


And then tried the command:


implicitplot3d( ex1, x = -10..0, t = 0..10, z = 0..10, axes = boxed, style = patchcontour, scaling = constrained, shading =z);


But the boxes are entirely blank! What is the problem here?? It should be some kind of sine curve

Hello, I have the system of equations in many vars as below, I want to make an implicit plot in Maple with the projection on 3 vars, for example, in this case (x,y,t1). The range is x[-10,10], y[-10,10], t1[-Pi,Pi] and the rest of the vars are [-Pi,Pi]. Does anyone know how to do it? We have also the inequalities in the system.


f1:= cos(t1)+1.35*cos(p1)-x;

f2:= sin(t1)+1.35*sin(p1)-y;

f3:= cos(t2)+1.35*cos(p2)-x +1.15;

f4:= sin(t2)+1.35*sin(p2)-y;

f5:= cos(t3)+1.35*cos(p3)-x+0.575;

f6:= sin(t3)+1.35*sin(p3)-y +0.995;

f7:= cos(t1)*cos(t2)*cos(t3)*sin(p1)*sin(p2)*sin(p3)-cos(t1)*cos(t2)*sin(t3)*sin(p1)*sin(p2)*cos(p3)-cos(t1)*sin(t2)*cos(t3)*sin(p1)*cos(p2)*sin(p3)+cos(t1)*sin(t2)*sin(t3)*sin(p1)*cos(p2)*cos(p3)-sin(t1)*cos(t2)*cos(t3)*cos(p1)*sin(p2)*sin(p3)+sin(t1)*cos(t2)*sin(t3)*cos(p1)*sin(p2)*cos(p3)+sin(t1)*sin(t2)*cos(t3)*cos(p1)*cos(p2)*sin(p3)-sin(t1)*sin(t2)*sin(t3)*cos(p1)*cos(p2)*cos(p3);

f8:= cos(t1)*sin(p1)-sin(t1)*cos(p1) >= 0;

f9:= cos(t2)*sin(p2)-sin(t2)*cos(p2) >= 0;

f10:= cos(t3)*sin(p3)-sin(t3)*cos(p3) >= 0;


So I want to create an image of the cusp catastrophe that looks like this 

but instead I have been getting this image where the discontinuity is plotted out to infinity

I have tried to split up the surfaces on either side of this but I haven't been able to display both on the same plot whilst using implicitplot3d. 
This is the line of code for the image, there't not much too it

implicitplot3d(x^4+x^2*z+x*y, x = -7 .. 7, y = -50 .. 50, z = -10 .. 5, axes = boxed, style = surfacecontour, grid = [60, 60, 60], orientation = [180, 8, 175], 'transparency' = .1);
If anyone could help or point me in the right direction that would be great.
Darryl A.M.


plots[implicitplot3d](max(-x+y+z, x-y+z, x+y-z) = 1.0, x = 0 .. 1, y = 0 .. 1, z = 0 .. 1);

The help page for max does not explain or show an example of max(sequence of expressions)= a constant. 

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