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Trying to solve this IVP of the SHO  (second order linear costant-coefficient).

Everything works fine until I come to the solving even after using dsolve with initial conditions (even using the differential operator D in the initial conditions)  , the answer still contains _C1, an unknown constant.

The full worksheet is below.  The code for dsolve is:

sol3 := dsolve(subs(par1, {de1, D(x)*0 = 0, x(0) = 1}), x(t));


Hoping you can help with a solution.





I'm trying to solve a 2nd order system of pde's with couplded BC but it gives me the following error

Error, (in pdsolve/numeric) initial/boundary conditions must be defined at one or two points for each independent variable

Here is the code

> T01 := 273; T02 := 26; L1 := .1; L2 := .2; h1 := 100; h2 := 200; k1 := 1; k2 := 2; rho1 := 1000; rho2 := 2000; c1 := 0.1e6; c2 := 0.2e6; alpha1 := 1; alpha2 := 2

> PDE := {diff(T1(x, t), t) = (diff(T1(x, t), x, x))/alpha1, diff(T2(x, t), t) = (diff(T2(x, t), x, x))/alpha2}

> IBC:={k1*(D[1](T1))(L1, t) = k2*(D[1](T2))(L1, t), T1(L1, t) = T2(L1, t), T1(x, 0) = T02, T2(x, 0) = T02, (D[1](T1))(0, t) = -h1*(T1(0, t)-T01)/k1, (D[1](T2))(L1+L2, t) = h2*(T2(L1+L2, t)-T02)/k2}

> pds := pdsolve(PDE, IBC, numeric)

Its basically a 1D heat equation in a 2 layers plate with conduction BC on both sides

Can somebody help me to find the solution?

I think there is something wrong with the definition of bvw1. If I use dsolve (in soln) with only bvw as Initial Condition,

I get a solution but if I also insert bvw1 as an Initial condition soln won't appear.

Here's what's written in the image:

'Imagine the course of a planet around a star with L=0.5 and e=0.7'

Solve Keppler's differential equation with Initial Conditions:'

Dear all,

I am trying to solve the following partial differential equation (transport or advection equation) with given initial and boundary conditions:

restart: with(PDEtools):
sys := [v*diff(u(x,t), x) + diff(u(x,t), t) = 0, u(x,0) = exp(-x), u(0,t) = sin(t)];

But it does not work. The solution is (or should be): 

u(x, t) = exp(t*v-x)+Heaviside(t-x/v)*(sin(t-x/v)-exp(t*v-x))

I think the reason is that the interval for t (in [0, inf)) and x (in [0, 1]) is not specified. On the other hand, this works:

restart: with(PDEtools):
sys := [diff(u(x, t), t) = diff(u(x, t), x, x), u(0, t) = 0, u(1, t) = 0, u(x,0) = f(x)];
sol := pdsolve(sys);

How can I solve a PDE like the transport equation with given initial AND boundary conditions?

Thanks a lot

In this section, we will consider several linear dynamical systems in which each mathematical model is a differential equation of second order with constant coefficients with initial conditions specifi ed in a time that we take as t = t0.

All in maple.

(in spanish)





Im solving 4 ODE equations with BC. im trying to shoot the initial value but im having this error:

""Error, (in isolate) cannot isolate for a function when it appears with different arguments""

anyone could help me???



Shootlib := "E:\\shooting/":

libname := Shootlib, libname:



n := 2:

FNS := {F(eta), H(eta), f(eta), g(eta), u(eta), v(eta)}:

ODE := {g(eta)*(diff(g(eta), eta))+B*(f(eta)+g(eta)) = 0, g(eta)*(diff(F(eta), eta))+F(eta)^2+B*(F(eta)-u(eta)) = 0, g(eta)*(diff(H(eta), eta))+H(eta)*(diff(g(eta), eta))+F(eta)*H(eta) = 0, diff(v(eta), eta)+f(eta)*v(eta)-u(eta)^2+B*H(eta)*(F(eta)-u(eta))-M*u(eta) = 0, diff(f(eta), eta) = u(eta), diff(u(eta), eta) = v(eta)};

{g(eta)*(diff(H(eta), eta))+H(eta)*(diff(g(eta), eta))+F(eta)*H(eta) = 0, g(eta)*(diff(g(eta), eta))+0.2e-1*f(eta)+0.2e-1*g(eta) = 0, g(eta)*(diff(F(eta), eta))+F(eta)^2+0.2e-1*F(eta)-0.2e-1*u(eta) = 0, diff(v(eta), eta)+f(eta)*v(eta)-u(eta)^2+0.2e-1*H(eta)*(F(eta)-u(eta))-3*u(eta) = 0, diff(f(eta), eta) = u(eta), diff(u(eta), eta) = v(eta)}


IC := {F(0) = gamma, H(0) = Q, f(0) = 0, g(0) = z, u(0) = 1, v(0) = alpha};

{F(0) = gamma, H(0) = Q, f(0) = 0, g(0) = z, u(0) = 1, v(0) = alpha}


BC := {F(L) = 0, H(L) = n, g(L) = -f(L), u(L) = 0};

{F(6) = 0, H(6) = 2, g(6) = -f(6), u(6) = 0}


infolevel[shoot] := 1:

S := shoot(ODE, IC, BC, FNS, [alpha = 0, gamma = 0, z = -.2, Q = 0])

Error, (in isolate) cannot isolate for a function when it appears with different arguments





I am trying to recreate journal work for validating using another computer program so I am trying to use maple to solve the ODE, based on further research I found using laplace might be the best but I am having some trouble.


eq8:=d*(n(t)+C(t))/drho = -rho(t)/(l*alpha*K_c)

given the initial conditions of:

ICs:= n(0) = n_0, rho(0) = rho_0, C(0) = (beta-rho_0)*n_0/(l*lambda)


equation9 := dsolve({equation8, ICs}, {C(t), n(t)}, method = laplace)


Following this process I get the error: 

Error, (in dsolve) invalid initial condition


According to the journal work the solution I am looking for is: 



is there something that I'm doing wrong or missing? 

Any help would be greatly Appreciated! 


I'm trying to solve this system of ODEs by Laplace transform. 

> de1 := d^2*y(t)/dt^2 = y(t)+3*x(t)

> de2 := d^2*x(t)/dt^2 = 4*y(t)-4*exp(t)

with initial conditions 

> ICs := y(0) = 2, (D(y))(0) = 3, x(0) = 1, (D(x))(0) = 2



> deqns := de1, de2


> var := y(t), x(t)


I need to solve it for both y(t) and x(t), I have tried this by:

> dsolve({ICs, deqns}, var, method = laplace)


> dsolve({ICs, deqns}, y(t), method = laplace)

> dsolve({ICs, deqns}, x(t), method = laplace)


However I get this error message:

Error, (in dsolve/process_input) invalid initial condition


Any help is appreciated

How can I solve this problem on Maple?
Can anyone help me please ... I wrote another post before but I can not solve the problem.

lambda is an experimental parameter. I have this initial condition n(x,0)=0.4, c(x,0)=0.

Thanks to everyone

Dear Maple Users,

I'm beginner in Maple.

I have this system of Pde:

with lambda experimental parameter and n,c,v dependent variables. I write this on Maple but I read on internet that the solution "float(undefined)" is an error.

I will insert this initial condition: c(x,0)=0,n(x,0)=0.4

Thanks everybody

Eq1 := diff(T1(t), t) = (W*Cp*(To-T1(t))+UA*(Ts-T1(t)))/(M*Cp);
Eq2 := diff(T2(t), t) = (W*Cp*(T1(t)-T2(t))+UA*(Ts-T2(t)))/(M*Cp);
Eq3 := diff(T3(t), t) = (W*Cp*(T2(t)-T3(t))+UA*(Ts-T3(t)))/(M*Cp);
sys := Eq1, Eq2, Eq3;

Operational Veriables

W := 100;
UA := 10;
Cp := 2;
M := 1000;
To := 20;
Ts := 250;

Initial Conditions

sys1 := {Eq1, Eq2, Eq3};

nsys := nops(sys1);

ics := {T1(0) = 20, T2(0) = 20, T3(0) = 20};
{T1(0) = 20, T2(0) = 20, T3(0) = 20}
nics := nops(ics);
for i from 1 to nics do Sol ||i:=dsolve({sys1, ics[i]},{T1(t),T2(t),T3(t)},numeric)od;
Error, unable to match delimiters
Typesetting:-mambiguous(Typesetting:-mambiguous( for i from 1 to

nics do Sol verbarverbariAssigndsolvelpar(sys1comma ics(i))


Typesetting:-merror("unable to match delimiters")))


what is the wrong with Pi set ::: in this function ::: Warning, no iterations performed as initial point satisfies first-order conditions

Optimization[Minimize](x^2 + y^2 + 25*(sin(x)^2+sin(y)^2), x=-2*Pi .. 2*Pi , y= -2*Pi .. 2*Pi);

Warning, no iterations performed as initial point satisfies first-order conditions
[0., [x = HFloat(0.0), y = HFloat(0.0)]]

Optimization[Maximize](x^2 + y^2 + 25*(sin(x)^2+sin(y)^2), x=-2*Pi .. 2*Pi , y= -2*Pi .. 2*Pi);

Warning, no iterations performed as initial point satisfies first-order conditions
[-0., [x = HFloat(0.0), y = HFloat(0.0)]]


I got my good result when I apply it with this function :

f:= (x,y)->cos(x)*sin(y) -(x/(y^2+1));

Optimization[Maximize](f(x,y), x = -1 .. 2, y = -1 .. 1);

[0.994945017202501170,[x = HFloat(-0.6362676080636113), y = HFloat(1.0)]]

Optimization[Minimize](f(x,y), x = -1 .. 2, y = -1 .. 1);

[-2.02180678335978703,[x = HFloat(2.0), y = HFloat(0.10578346945175972)]]

i want to find initial condition for F(0),G(0), H(0) and thetap(0) which is are missing in this problem.. then i facing this error Error, (in dsolve/numeric/bvp) Newton iteration is not converging

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


Hello everyone,

I need help to type in the following type of initial condition.

diff(1/x*diff(F(x),x),x)=0 at x =0.


In a trivial example of where x goes from 0 to 1 of d n(x)/dx =a, where n(0)=1, n(1)=2, so that the integral is solved easily, how can i do this in maple however I can only solve an eqation with the initial condition, if i try anything else then i get errors such as, 

fx := diff(n(x), x)-a

A := rhs(dsolve({fx, x = 0 .. 1, n(0) = 1, n(1) = 2}, n(x)));

Error, (in dsolve) invalid terms in sum: 0 .. 1




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