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aa := tan(Pi/11)^2;
bb := RootOf(_Z^5-55*_Z^4+330*_Z^3-462*_Z^2+165*_Z-11, index = 1); # bb = aa
ee := (exp(-Pi-I*Pi*aa/bb))^(1+I);

seq((proc() try timelimit(k, signum(Re(ee)-1/k)) catch: lprint(lastexception) end try end proc)(),
    k = 1..10);

`shake/shake`, "time expired"
`expand/sin`, "time expired"
`evalr/tan`, "time expired"
sdmp:-mul, "time expired"
                        1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

An explanation: aa/bb=1, so, as we know from here, ee=exp(-2*Pi), and ee is tricky to evaluate numerically. Normally signum(Re(ee)-1/5) just seems to hang indefinitely, which is not the worst thing it could do. But after one of the timelimit interrupts (or after clicking "Interrupt the current operation"), something breaks, and Maple starts returning wrong values.

This is in Maple 2017.2, system="X86 64 WINDOWS", wordsize=64.

Also, is there any way to clear the cached values so that this computation can be repeated without doing restart?



Hi I have a 8x8  matrix and I was attempting to get maple to find the eigenvalues. but after a while I thought it is caught in an infinite loop!  anyway I manually kill the mserver processing and saved the maple worksheet and restarted the laptop. but after all these it seems its still working.CPU usage and memory (in task maneger) are still high! 

how can I get rid of this condition?


Is there any method or a command to use or type so Maple start running something or evaluating and if it took more than a specific amount of time, then itself automatically stops itself without needing me to interrupt the evaluation?

For example let's say I wrote a proc, for some inputs it may compute the output fast but in some it may even don't answer after hours. Now I am writing a for and I don't know for which steps it can answer in less than a minute. So I like to add something so that Maple starts the FOR but in steps that it takes more than a minute, it automatically stops evaluation at that step and jump to the next step.

This is not a new problem; it is a reoccuring nuisance. When doing a heavy calculation, pressing the 'Interrupt the current operation'-icon will sometimes not halt the execution; rather it continues happily, seemingly without ever stopping. The program does not seem to have stalled, because the executing-bullet at the lower left of the screen flashes back and forth. As the interrupt icon is no longer red, there is no idea in pressing that further. So in these cases, I usually have to resort to an ungraceful shut-down of Maple by way of the Windows job list (Ctrl+Alt+Delete). Is there really no other way?

sometimes, the maple server goes in a loop and runs full CPU. Waiting makes no difference. It just hanged. Even stopping the computation from the UI makes no difference (i.e. cliking on the "interrupt the current evaluation" button). Only way I found is go to task manager and terminate the mserver.exe by force.

The problem now is that I have to close Maple and start all over again. Since I can't start a new computation or do anything if the server is down.

I am just asking if there is a better way to do all this. For illustration, this int() command below hangs the server, so you can try the same thing I am seeing. This is on Maple 18.02, windows 7, 64 bit.

Make sure to save all your work before running this. This is just one example. I have many more where maple hangs like this (i.e. the interrupt does not terminate anything and the server keeps running)

y := 1;
z := 2 + x + y;
s := 1/2;
m2 := 5325;
m1 := 5279;
mz := 106055/10;

int1 =evalf(int(1/z^3 *(x + y + 2* x*y)* (1 + s^2/(2 *m2^2* z)) *exp(-(m2^2*x + m1^2*y)/s^2 + (mz^2 *(x + y + 2 *x*y))/(2* s^2* z)), x=0..1));



(sorry if this appeared elsewhere, but it seems my first try to ask this failed)

I tried to use Maple last night to do some heavy computational work, but it turns out (I let him print time()) that he was only active for about an hour.  He did not do anything when my Macbook Pro was on stand-by.


This morning, when he woke up, he was unwilling to stop!  I pushed the "Interrupt the current operation" button...

If you're writing an external library to be called from Maple, then you have the following problem. The user wants to interrupt your code. They are valiantly pressing control-C or the stop button in the Maple GUI, as your code grinds their machine to a halt. What do you do ?

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