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When I launch Maple, I have to activate my license, so I type my purchase code and then I fill the form, but I receive the message "not enough activations left on this account". I used and installed Maple on an old computer and sold it because it was really old, now with my new computer I would like to re-install Maple, is there a way I can use my old activation key, instead of buying Maple again ? 

I bought a new macbook pro and want to move my maple2015 software and licence to this new platform?  Simply copy my folder to the new application folder? How do I reinstall the necessary licence ?

Thx for your help

After changing the time and date on my computer, I get a message saying “Invalid or missing license file.” whenever I try to open Maple. I have tried activating it with my license code. It then gives me a message saying “Activation succesful! Please restart Maple for the new license file to take effect.”. After opening it again, I will once again get the original message. I have also tried reinstalling it twice. One time with the file my school provides, and with a file from Maples website. I get the same error message no matter what I do. 

I haven't been able to access Maple for several weeks now, so I'm getting a bit behind in math class.

How should I go about fixing this?

if i install maple 2015 in amazon cloud, activate with my license

and i do not use amazon after several trial, 

will the license be used and can not activate in future if i use amazon cloud again in future?

any command or configure needed when using large amount memory such as 100GB memory?

Two problems surfaced when I upgraded my Mac to Mavericks (OS X 10.9).

First, the old Java SE installation was removed (actually, some linkages were destroyed), so a Maple launch puts up a dialog "need to install Java." Apple hasn't yet (10/23/13) updated the software database links --- installation fails with a "can't find software" error. I reinstalled Java using the version at (The links can be redone, it's just easier to reinstall.)

Second, the (new?) structure for /Library/Frameworks made my Maple license invalid. I dug out the old email with my activation code, then re-activated.

And all is now copacetic.

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