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Ok hello everyone and thank you in advance.
I have 2-3 difficulties in a maple plotting.
I'm trying to plot two fairly easy surfaces in maple 3d
What I want is:
3 standard axis, x,y,z with y vertical and z coming out of the screen(obviously you can turn it and stuff.)

Two surfaces:
On with y = (1/x), z=free;
The second with y= 2*x(1/z);

Hi all,

I'm editing a scientific document in Maple document mode. I'd like to assign a mathematical result to a variable, which is a 2D-math expression.

An example:

I'd like to assign the result of


to the expression

I was about to post this as a "How-do-I" question, but while composing my question, I stumbled upon the solution.  In case this "discovery" would be useful, I'm posting it here.

For some coursework, I'm developing fitting sinusoids to experimental data (poor-man's Fourier Analysis).  At one point, I do a "brute-force-least-squares" computation, one step of which involves computing the sum of a sine over N equally-spaced intervals around the circle.  This...

As some of you know, I'm hoping to, some day, find a closed form expression for the MRB constant.

 Here is my latest little nugget.

Let x=MRB constant.

(1-604*x)/(28+209*x) = log(x) with an error< ...

Why does:

G := Heaviside(x): int(G(x)*G(t-x), x = 0 .. 3);

Produce a "Error, (in unknown) too many levels of recursion"?


I'm sure there is a simple solution to my problem, but because I'm fairly new to using Maple, I can't figure out why my graph won't work. All I'm trying to do is graph a function along with its first and second derivatives within the same graph. The original function is f(x)= (2+sinx)^x2/(x2+1).

I defined the function as f and then found the first derivative by using df:=D(f...

External calling functions from Windows dlls in Maple uses __stdcall calling convention.

Most Windows dlls including <windows.h> are using that convention (called also WINAPI). However, C runtime dll (msvcrt.dll) and most mathematical dlls - such as gsl, PARI, etc. which would be very useful, are using __cdecl calling convention and functions from them can not be easily called from Maple. One has to create a wrapper dll with __stdcall calling convention for that. In particular, Axel Vogt did that for a part of PARI.

Would that be possible for Maplesoft developers to add option CDECL in define_external in Maple 15 allowing calling C library functions and functions from gsl, PARI, etc. directly from Maple, without a burden of writing __stdcall wrappers for them first?

I'm new to maple and am evaluating it as a means of deriving symbolic equations of motion for a system comprising two flexible bodies sliding relative to one another and rotating in 3d space using the Boltzmann Hamel equations.  I have written up the approach but the maths is extremely tedious by hand so I wondered if maple could help.  For  a start how do I define a simple indexed 3 element vector and then create the skew matrix equivalent (tilde matrix) as...

    My first touch with Maple was in 1997,when I was in my undergraduate course.The software of maple was in three floppy disk.

    Since 2000,I becomes a teacher for mathematics .Now I am using it to compute the integrate,limits,etc.

To the world you may be one person,but to one person you may be the world!

This post is a further development of my earlier question in reply to John's post. I have implemented a basic version of the CANDECOMP/PARAFAC algorithm referred to on Wikipedia and described 

If you construct the tensor product W of an m- and an n-dimensional vector space, U and V, then you can view the elements of W as m by n matrices (by picking a basis for U and V). The rank one matrices are the elements that can be written as the tensor product of (nonzero) vectors u in U and v in V; this corresponds to writing the matrix as u

I always change text color, and I want the color in math mode to be the same as the text mode.  Is there a way to do this automatically?  The math mode always comes up in black, even if the previous text was red etc...

Thank you.


I've recently started creating questions using MapleTA, and at the moment I've hit a stumbling block.

For a particular question, the students need to enter a formula. When I input the answer in decimal form, the question is graded correctly; when I put it in fractional form, it's not. I've used the simplify command in every perturbation I know, but I can't get it to work.

More details:



This is the fourth and final part of a blog post, the first three parts of which can be found here: Generating Samples from Custom Probability Distributions (I)

This is the third post in a four-part series; the earlier posts are Generating...

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