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The general formula of GHR (Gazis-Herman-Rothery), the most well known car following model, is given by

an - acceleration of vehicle n implemented at time t
v - speed of follower vehicle
deltax and deltav - relative spacing and speeds respectively between follower and leader vehicle at a


I'm using the DirectSearch package in a 10 periods model and in the first period i get this values:

> DirectSearch[SolveEquations](sys, assume = positive);
Warning, complex or non-numeric value encountered; trying to find a feasible point

Vector[column](%id = 18446744078126621390), [

x1a = HFloat(4204.651582462925),

x1c = HFloat(4204.651582462925),

I am new to maplesim. I want to model the human hand and constrain the fingers to a certain range of angle. Then apply a controller to analyse its controllability and also see the dynamic equation formulation

Hi everybody,

Does somebody has an idea about how to model the temperature of water during freezing ?

I mean, if you consider a certain mass of water and you put it, for example on a fridge. I don't consider the convection but only the diffusion, and I would like to model, if possible with an animation the temperature of the water (as a cube for the shape).

Normally, during the freezing I should observe a decrease of the temperature, then a freezing...

I have been messing around with MapleSim for a while now, and I cannot find a good way to model something such as a spiderweb. I want to be able to model a spiderweb (using something like cables), and then measure the tension in the cables, and also vibrations as they travel through the cables. Is this something that I can accomplish using MapleSim? If so, what is the best way to approach this problem? Any suggestions or comments would be helpful. Thanks. 

I am trying to plot a Linear Population Model using Maple, could anybody tell me what I am doing wrong. My plot is just registering as a straight line at 1.0 and I know this is incorrect.



I have an inverse kinematics model for a double inverted pendulum. There are multiple solutions for each joint angles due to symmetry and I have to choose the appropriate ones. I thought I can use the previous choices and compare them with the current multiple solutions, so I could choose the ones which are closer to the previous ones. However, since the double inverted pendulum moves in in both region at the equilibrium, this aproach does not work. Could you advise...

If I have a MapleSim file that successfully runs and I want to manipulate the data and equations in Maple, how would I do that? I know how to link a MapleSim file to a Maple document, and how to pull out the system of reduced DAE's, ODE's, parameters, etc. My question is whether or not there's a simple way to have Maple solve those equations and be able to display the same type of data (graphs, export the numerical solution to the system to an Excel file, etc.) that...

I am trying to model a multibody system using euler lagrange equation. There are 3 links in the system attached with each other by revolute joints. The first link has one end fixed with the revolute joint.

Length of links= l1,l2,l3

Angle with x axis=Theta1,Theta2,Theta3

Mass of links=m1,m2,m3

Moment of Inertia = M1,M2,M3

I am not able to find the solution of ODE system comprising of 3 ODEs which I get after solving Euler Lagrange Eq for...

I'm suggesting a challenge to someone who can create a simulation in Maple on a local economy when a large supercenter enters, first, a localized small area (town), then the effect on a much larger population (state / country / etc...).  A sort of local vs. large businesses.

I would like to create a business model that shows the eventual crash of rich economies due to the increased reliance on foreign imports from poor economies.  As an example, perhaps...


 Sorry for my english, I'm french! :)

I try to make a modelisation of pedestrian dynamics.



There's someone, (a dot in Maple) at some randomn place in a square.


He want to go to another place.

So, there's 3 dot in Maple:

- S: The start fixed

- X: Mr X who is traveling from S to E

- E: The end fixed

so, without any rule, X is drawing a line from S to E.


Could you pleasу tell me, is it possible to make MapleSim not to simplify equation set of my model and solve equations without simplification? I want to do this because simplification process (reduction of equations number) takes too much time in comparison with integration process.

Thank you!

One of the inputs I have to a solar vehicle model is the relationship between current and voltage for the solar panel. This relationship has been measured as 50 ordered pairs of current and voltage. As the model runs over time the value of voltage (and current) will change. Right now I have fit the I vs V data as a 6th order polynomial.

What does it mean when I get the message, "Warning, model is not of full rank"?

Thank you.



I am very beginner of Maple softs, in order to proceed with my project i need to model a simple Human Knee joint and  to do its simulation, Somebody please help on this, otherwise i cant able to proceed with my project.


Waiting for a solution


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