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Trying to understand how Maple works, I wanted to read the documentation.

For the "plot" statements, there is a "view" option, and I found the build in documentation in version 2016 to say:

So based on this a list should be given with two range elements, and not other valid option format was described.

However, based on examples I fould, it appeas that a single range element (giving the Y range I guess) is also valid, like in:

Where am I missign the elaborate documentation that describes the legal option type?  Or is Maple programming just some kind of guess and try hacker language ? ;-)

For implicitplot of say (cos(\theta))^2, I had to use 'factor' in the options for the plot so that it considers cos(theta) also while plotting. But I couldn't do the same in implicitplot3d. How can I achieve this plotting of all factors of a function for implicitplot3d?

good say !

I want for my work to calculate the International Equation of State of Seawater

but when i enter my fonction in mapple: it is like mapple don't recognise the second variable s:

>t:= -> t;
s:= -> s;

> g :=(t, s)-> 999,842594+6,793952*10^(-2)*t-9, 95290*10^(-3)*t^2+1, 1685*10^(-4)*t^3-1, 120083*10^(-6...

I tried this, but it doesn't seem to like having the x's and y's in the z range. 

 implicitplot3d(x = 6, x = 1 .. 7, y = 2 .. 5, z = 0 .. (1/4)*(x-4)^2+(1/5)*(y-3)^2+10
  , view = [0 .. 8, 0 .. 8, 0 .. 20], transparency = .5, style = hidden);
Error, (in plots/iplot3d/implicit3d) bad range arguments x = 1 .. 7, y = 2 .. 5, z = 0 .. (1/4)*(x-4)^2+(1/5)*(y-3)^2+10

I'm trying to plot a surface above the xy plane that looks like a solid,...


I am missing two options in the "fieldplot3d" command, which I am using in cylindrical coordinates: one is "style=contour" and the other is "axes=cylindrical" where apparently only the "axes=boxed" option as available.
Any ideas how I can get this?

Or can I show a polar plane at one end of the cylinder? like in the post:

this is my plot:


I'm trying to plot phase analysis for the Friedmann's equation, however when running the protocol and trying to plot these phase analysis, it comes up with error that rho wasn't allowed in the set of options!

Here's the code i'm having difficulty with!?!

> SFsys := proc (lambda, W, ics, T, v, u) local sys, flatF, rho0line, plot0, plotDSp, plotDSm, plotE, flatF_Plot, IC, df1, df2; 
sys := eval(DSys, {Lambda = lambda, gamma = W}); 
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