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I am looking for a numerical solver for a parabolic PDE (up to 2nd order derivatives but no mixed ones) on the spatio-temporal domain [X x Y x T], either as an external package or as MAPLE code.  

I have coded the method of lines on the domain [X x T] and indeed also used pdsolve as a check for that case. However, pdsolve (numerical) cannot solve the PDEs on the domain [X x Y x T].  The run times and memory requirements for the latter case would of course be significantly greater.  

I am about to code up the method of lines (in MAPLE) on the domain [X x Y x T], but am wondering whether there exist external FORTRAN or C code packages that would be faster if called up in MAPLE and whose results would then be post-pocessed in MAPLE.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


How I can graph parabolic cylinder y=x^2 and elipsoid x^2+4y^2+4z^2=16 on a three-dimensional coordinate system?

Dear all,

I tried to use pdsolve to solve the parabolic pde but get the unexpected answer:

Is it the PDESolStruc or the other structure? Where can I find the description about this kind of structure.


This excellent application

demonstrates the paths of light rays against various surfaces.  Can the initialization code be made more efficient and faster?  The only thing I could think of was to remove the call to plottools and replace it with just plot and adding an extra...

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