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In this app you can use from the creation of curve, birth of the position vector and finally applied to the displacement and the distance traveled. All this application revolves around the creation of a path and the path of a particle over this generated by vectors. You will only have to insert the vector components and the times to evaluate. Designed for engineering students guided through Maple. In Spanish. Updated


Lenin Araujo C

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As you can see this app performs the trace of a given path r (t), then locate the position vector in a specific time. It also graphs the velocity vector, acceleration, Tangential and Normal unit vectors, along with the Binormal. Very good app developed entirely in Maple for our engineering students.

Lenin Araujo Castillo

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Consider the list [x,y,z], say. Does there in Maple exist some fundamental function for querying the position in the list of x,y, and z, respectively? I am unable to locate any such. Such a function can, of course, be constructed, an example being the following:

listPos := (l::list) -> table(zip(`=`,l,[$(1..nops(l))])):
pos := listPos([x,y,z]);

But that seems unsatisfactory. The same question concerning Vectors: Consider Vector([x,y,z]), say. Here, the following code, say, will perform the task:

VectorPos := (V::Vector) -> table([map(rhs = lhs,op(2,V))[]]):
pos := VectorPos(Vector([x,y,z]));

PS: Of course, list and Vectors can be converted into one another, so any one of the codes above can in practice be used to perform both tasks.

May I know any command can help to random selected a position in a group of bit number then flip that number but with condition after convert to bytes the number cannot be more than 7?

For example,

I have integer 3, i convert to binary become 0000011

then i need a command to random select a position to flip and only one bit can be flipped.

After that the group of flipped number will convert back to decimal, but total value cannot more than 7? any command can solve?  Thank you. 


I have a list


I want to be able to tell what position the element [3,5] is in the list

I'm using


is there anything faster

maybe instead of storing as a list, I can use rtables or something?

thankyou for your time

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