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I have an equation and I want to plot this in maple.

for example, this is my equation:


1) I want to plot z/H (H is a number) versus w so I need to switch the axises.

2) I want to plot specific area (by using commands) for example vertical axis from -0.5..0.5 and horizontal from -2..3.

i don not want to use plot property because it should be aligned for every run and it is not permanent.

thank you very much

I have started to use Maple 18 and I have found that my scale starts at 2.*10^16 for all functions I graph no matter if its 3D or 2D. Is there a way to change this scale?

I am creating a plot in Maple17 which will include many line segments and polygons.  I want the axes to be equally scaled, so that line segments that are perpendicular actually look perpendicular.  When I view what I have created so far, line segments that are perpendicular do not appear to be so in a plot, even though I used the "scaling=constrained" option several times.  I created a stripped-down file that isolates the problem.  Here it is:



segp := proc(pt1, pt2)
  description "plot of line segment between two points";
  local m;
end proc:

slope := proc(pt1, pt2)
  description "slope of line segment btwn two different points";
end proc:



pa9:=[0.1864032968, 0.9824733131];

[.1864032968, .9824733131]


pa16:=[0.6816387600, 0.7316888689];

[.6816387600, .7316888689]


pd9:=[0.05940746930, 0.7316888689];

[0.5940746930e-1, .7316888689]












An angle that should be a right angle looks obtuse in the plot.  I used "scaling=constrained" in both the "display" command and the "segp" procedure.  I am using "polygonplot" to plot line segments (degenerate polygons) because the final plot will contain genuine polygons and this seemed like the easiest way to do it.  If this is a bad idea for some reason I can change it.



When exporting plots some labels are occasionally cropped. This is true when exporting via the context menu or with plotsetup('gif', etc.) for instance (plotsetup also drops the third label in 3D plots, the context menu keeps it).

I discovered that scaling the plot from the context menu can help: is there a programmatic way to control the plot scale?

From the context menu: Manipulator -> Scale, the plot can be rescaled to ensure that all...

I have some data that requires a logarithmic y-axis for its histogram, but I want the y-axis to start at y=10^0. In my histogram, the y-axis starts near 10^-2, seemingly because I have 0-points in my data. How can I restrict the y-axis to start at 10^0? 


Hello, with "logplot", if I use "scale" or change the minimum vertical range to some smaller values, the plot mechanism will automatically print "0., 0.5*0.0001, 0.0001, 0.5*0.001, 0.001, .... " at the y-axis numeric mark.

However, I want the 10^(-n) numeric format and alwasy keep the format.

How could I always get the 10^(-n) numeric format for y-axis ?

Thanks a lot!

How to change "Scaling" in order to during "zoom in" coordinates x and y zoomed in user defined way?

The problem has been discussed in mapleprimes before, but I have not come across a neat solution. Perhaps there is one. What is the state of the art for exporting 3D graphics (plot3d, etc.) with Maple 15?

What I think I know is this: standard GUI has a completely new way of treating 2D graphics but has an outdated way of rendering 3D, while the classic GUI, though no longer developed, for some reason typically renders better 3D graphics.

I used to export graphics...

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