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Help please! Maple beginner here. I'm trying to relabel a list of lists and sets so that the third occurrence of each number becomes that number+1,


eg. [[1],[{1,2}],[{1,2}]] ----->  [[1],[{1,2}],[{2,3}]]

or [[1],[{1,2,3}],[{1,2}]] -----> [[1],[{1,2,3}],[{2,3}]]


I think because there are sublists and subsets, I can't use things like member(x, s, 'p') or SearchAll (ListTools), so not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

Using the Open Maple application program interface (API), the ExternalCalling module, a C compiler, and some basic understanding of the Maple data structure format, you can create Maple utilities that run nearly as fast as Maple builtin procedures.

To show how this is done, I will start with a simple example and then proceed to a slightly more complex procedure that improves ?ListTools[SearchAll]

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