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Hi, I'm having trouble trying to make a loop stop when a variable hits certain value. No, break doesn't help much as the code is intended to be executed w/ "execute the entire worksheet" command, and break only stops the calculation on this especific execution block (I'm using maple 18 btw).

Any ideas would be highly apreciated.

I want to  get   nonlinear equations solutions using 'solve',but i always meet that the program running long long time,i want to stop this 'solve' procedure giving a limit do i.can you help me.thanks a lot.

Dear all


I want to display the value of k   for which the stop test is verified. Thanks for your help. 


for k from 2 by 2 to 50 do
if testerror[k]<=0.0001 then break; end if; end do;

Hi! PLEASE HELP ME.. I try to give a new name in my proc where it stops at the initial condition, ic. Somehow it gave me an output like

local orbit,z,t:
for t to Nit (while z<>ic) ot t=1 do

>Orbit (F,[1,0],20);

##I want to eliminate the orbit13 and so on. I tried to give a new name where for example per:=array(0..t). I want it stops at t and do not go until Nit. Can you help me?

I have asked this question before (2008) but no one answered. I just repeated my error and am still flummoxedflummoxed.

In early versions of Maple (Maple 1 Maple 3) one could halt a computation on the Mac by holding down the command key and the period; Maple would respond quickly. Now one can try that or click on the red hand in the tool bar and interrupt the computation but it doen not necessarily stop.

I inserted a print command in a procedure so that I culd...

Hello all.

            I want to execute a particular section of my legthy code, after certain lines I want that let Maple not execute further. It could be a possibility that after those ceratin line I may execute my code further. I dont want to comment those lines as some later stage I may use them again. Is there any command which can fulfill my purpose.

Many thanks in advance.

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