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I'm defining forces. The only thing I changed is x to y for one particular piece of an equation. I copied and pasted it so I don't see why it's not working.


as described in the title

what i want to define are these 


but i get this

as the result of expression of

I wonder what I should do to get this?

i.e define them at the same time.

if anybody knows, please help me.

best regards,


I'm trying to calculate forces between particles. I defined all my variables and the equation for force, but when I plug it all in, it gives me 0 when I know for a fact it's not 0. I should be getting something like f12=-0.4, f13=-0.24, and f23=-0.5.


Basically I defined variables like x1,y1, m1 , etc. and made my force equation fij with all variables having appropriate i and j subscripts.

While coding I used _ instead of subscript which I now want to change to create a presentable document.

Does anyone know how I can change all underscores to subscripts at once without going through every single element?


Vince :)

Hello everyone.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to have a supscript+superscript layout on the left hand side of the equation in 1D math?

When I try to use (A)[b]^(c) from the layout palette it does not allow me to use it in 1D Math, and when using it in any of the math types (1D and both of the 2D options) it is not accepted on the left hand side of the equation.

I am writing a project where we use transformation matrices, and I seem to be unable to define them as they are supposed to be. I am left with T__40 when I want to write (T)[4)^(0).

Help would be very much appreciated.

Does anyone know what the default function is for the pre-subscript and pre-superscript?  I would like to use them for a variable name to represent the local reference frame and global reference frame in my multibody calculations.  Thanks

When I copy mathml into Maple it always pasted the subscipts as indexed.  How could I quickly convert the indexed subscripts into literal subscripts without having to right click and convert each variable?

Hello people in mapleprimes,

I think that I found a bug.

Using the screen opened with command + f, I tried to find a v__1211 in the file I appended here.

But, when the cursor is trapped on an output part, which is a blue part, maple wouldn't continue to find the next

v__1211 anymore even if I clicked the Find Next on the screen.

If I move the cursol one line below with a hand, the Find Next butttons works again, but it is intricate.

Isn't there any good way to avoid this trouble other than not using double _, that is __.?

I hope you will give me some hint.


P.S. I clicked the above link and opened that file with maple. Then, the notification telling that this is read-only file and

you cannot save this file after some modification, appeared. I don't know whether there is any problem. 

Does appending a maple file on a post on this mapleprimes always done in such a way? 

Hi everybody,


I would like to understand why the instruction

seq(X__k, k=1..2)


Xk, Xk

and not X1, X2 ?

Is it possible to force the evaluation of X__k each time k changes in the "seq" loop ?


Thank you for your explanations

Is it possible to subscript within a plot?

for example I have

this in principle is what I want but, the N is cursive while is O is not (and it's a bit shifted to the right, not right next to the [2] !???

Also I didnt find the meanings of mi(),mn(),mo(),mfenced()... in the help documentation which I stumbled across while googling.

for example in this case:


what do I need them for since without the mi it doesnt work?!

Is it possible to use latex notation within the plot options for more convenience?

BTW: When plotting a .ps or .eps the plotting device takes over all the features (like the examples above) but when using png instead it just prints the code behind it ( for example the `#mover(mi("x"),mi("~"))` ) and not would it should lead to



I am unable to use subs() command when using subscript : I'd like to replace YP__1 with dGx in the equation :

"Eq:= YP__1 = Y__2" (Eq:= YP1=Y2)


 so I have tried : subs({YP__1=dGx},Eq)


But it doesn't work... It give me : YP__1 = Y__2 and I would like to have dGx = Y__2


I have tried also with subs({YP[1]=dGx},Eq) but doesn't work too.


If I am not using subscript, for exemple : Eq:= YP1 = Y2


And do : subs({YP1=dGx},Eq)


That works great...


But I must use subscript __ because Eq is a result from ODEtools (convertsys).


Can you help me please ?


Thanks you very much.




I have a subscripts error, or it seems to be an error.

As you can see on the picture, then I have defined the varible I__K, but when I need it again I get another result or It seems to be another result that looks like this I[K]. I use the esc buttom to recall the varible.

Are there anybody that has a solution to this? I have been looking at other treads, but there seems not to be a solution that works or maybe I'm looking the wrong places.





Often, I'd like to use variable names that look like expressions. Is there a way to convert them to some form of inert form or as some sort of literal (so that they are not a mathematical expression) ?

Such as,


Can't type it here, but I wanted 'a' subscript 1 superscript (2). I'd like it to not be a1 squared.

Basically, I'd like the subscripts and superscript to not mean anything mathematically . . . And, I use a1^(3), a1^(1), a2^(1), a2^(2), a2^(3), b2^(3), etc.


Thanks, for any suggests.


Cheers !!

Hello everybody,


can somebody tell me how to use subscripts in textmode? 


Thanks for your help!



we always have subscript variable in the math book, but how could this be natral done in maple

I want to get a seq aaa3


but how could I get a  aij



seq(a[ij],i=1..3);  both was not right

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