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I have to draw a couple of graphs in Maple 2016. Certain subgraphs must be highlighted and the commands

HighlightEdges() and HighlightSubgraph() are very useful. It seems to me however, that while I can choose the color

of any given edge, it is not possible to change the style or the thickness of the edge. All the edges in my graphs are straight l

ine segments but I do not know if it is possible to have a different style than solid, and/or a different thickness for that matter.

Ideally, I would like to be able to draw certain edges as dot, or dash, or any other options that are available for regular


Does anybody know if this can be done, and if it is possible, how should I do it.





It is possible to thicken the axes of 2D plots by adjusting the underlying data structure, since the appropriately placed THICKNESS() call within the PLOT() data structure is recognized by the Standard GUI. This does not seem to be recognized for PLOT3D structures, however.

The issue of obtaining thicker axes for 2D plots can then be resolved by first creating a plot, and then subsequently modifying the PLOT structure.

The same techniques could be used to thin...

A short remark. This would be a blog entry if those still existed.

I am comparing plot,options.

The style=point option has versatile options for symbols, their sizes, the number of points:

  , 'style' = point
  , 'numpoints' = 50
  , 'symbol' = solidcircle
  , 'symbolsize' = 8


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