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aa := tan(Pi/11)^2;
bb := RootOf(_Z^5-55*_Z^4+330*_Z^3-462*_Z^2+165*_Z-11, index = 1); # bb = aa
ee := (exp(-Pi-I*Pi*aa/bb))^(1+I);

seq((proc() try timelimit(k, signum(Re(ee)-1/k)) catch: lprint(lastexception) end try end proc)(),
    k = 1..10);

`shake/shake`, "time expired"
`expand/sin`, "time expired"
`evalr/tan`, "time expired"
sdmp:-mul, "time expired"
                        1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

An explanation: aa/bb=1, so, as we know from here, ee=exp(-2*Pi), and ee is tricky to evaluate numerically. Normally signum(Re(ee)-1/5) just seems to hang indefinitely, which is not the worst thing it could do. But after one of the timelimit interrupts (or after clicking "Interrupt the current operation"), something breaks, and Maple starts returning wrong values.

This is in Maple 2017.2, system="X86 64 WINDOWS", wordsize=64.

Also, is there any way to clear the cached values so that this computation can be repeated without doing restart?


Maple 2016.

Why does


Causes mserver.exe to hang into a loop at full CPU and maple hangs?

Windows 7, 64 bit.  Even using timelimit() on it, it still hangs exceeding the time limit and never return. I have to kill mserver.exe or exit Maple to recover.

how to  force a dsolve to timeout since it run a very long time


how to be like python set timeout then stop the function, in here , is dsolver

j = 1
for functionlistelement in functionlist0
if j > 1:
j = j + 1

loop.run_until_complete(asyncio.wait_for(tesks, 1))

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