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To keep upgrading Maple in our university we need to justify it's usage. We have an unlimited floating license. How can we track the usage of Maple by our students, faculty, etc?

In feature "Procedures for two animations" posted by Kitonium appears this line, within a procedure.

T1:=(O2*~y+O1*~u)/~(y+u): T2:=(O3*~u+O2*~v)/~(u+v): T3:=(O4*~v+O3*~z)/~(v+z):

What is the meaning of "~y", for instance, and how does it differ from "y"?

I understand the conventional usage of ~ with a name in output to imply that that name is subject to an assumption.

I have been able to find nothing pertinent in the Maple Help information.  Please enlighten me.

I have the following problem : plotting with the squareroot function somehow stops showing the whole graph as soon as the range of the input allows values less than -10, I have attached two pictures that show the transition:


This is still fine:


But here is an example where the graph is cropped:

How can I change this to get the whole graph ? Thanks a lot for your help !!




Is there any difference between





Say if I have a very 'complicated' procedure myfunc(K,C) that takes two options, but it runs all dependently.




Which one is more efficient? The final ouput of each run from myfunc is just a integer value.


The reason I am asking it that i think both runs on a 'single' thread (core) as CPU usage is always very low, around 15-20%.

If I look at the task manager, some cores (threads) arent doing anything.

Is there anyway to speed things up?



I'm using maple 14 on a win7 2.8gHz 4gb laptop and over the past 2 days my maple has fallen appart, i'm trying to print a worksheet that is only 5 pages and not especialy complicated but maple's memeroy usage is exploding up to 400mb, or 1.3gb if i actually run the code. I need to print the work sheet and it just spent half an hour "spooling" i don't know what is causing maple to go haywire

Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience.

I assign Maple projects to my students in table format.  They do their work in the first column and I write my comments in the second column.

I noticed that while I grade a worksheet (Maple 14 on a Windows 7 laptop), Maple becomes very sluggish.  I started monitoring  Maple's memory usage while editing.  When I open the file, the memory footprint is roughly 60,000K....

I suppose this topic has come across many peoples minds at one time or another and I've only taken this number for granted and with a grain of salt.  I have become curious as to what other Maple users would run the memory usage up to? 

For myself I find on average usually running below 10Mb or so.  I suppose this is average, for me, but I haven't usually created large worksheets, I don't think I've ever let it run over 40Mb. ...

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