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For the space curve in the linked worksheet, RadiusOfCurvature and Binormal give incorrect results. Why?

Please tell me if the above link doesn't work.

I want to work (cross products, differentiating and simplificating) of three dimensional vector functions.

But I'd like to work with them as vector, not as components. Is it available in Maple?

I'm trying to display some flow lines for a vector field. The vector field I have is:

What I put into Maple is:

I've tried this with a number of points, but I always get an error message along the lines of:

"Error, (in Student:-VectorCalculus:-FlowLine) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: (2.*(1)(0)-4.)^2+(-2.+4.*(1)(0))^2 < 0.9e-9"

Could someone please shed some light as to what's going wrong for me? I would be very grateful for any help.


Hello, I have been trying to complete a Maple homework assignment for my Caclulus class. I have been stuck on several problems for several days now and I was wondering if anybody could help me. Here are the questions on the assignment that I am stuck on. I know how to do these problems by hand, but I can't seem to figure out the roper commands to do them in Maple4. Given r(t)=(tsin(Pi(t)))i+(t)j+(tcos(Pi(t)))k over the interval [-2Pi, 2Pi}......    a. Find (dr/dt...

How can version 17 be forced to produce [VectorCalculus]TangentLine results consistent with previous versions?

Suppose you have a 3D position vector defining a curve using a parameter t.  One can evaluate the curve at a specific value of t.  Say the point is p.  One can differentiate the curve and evaluate it at the specified value of t.  Say the result is the vector v.  Then the tangent line is p + tv.  The VectorCalculus Tangent Line...

I can get the tangent line by using "Tangent"  Then what about the normal plane


Tangent(t->{t, t^2, t^3}, t = 2)

See attached.  I am not sure but I think eq #4 is the same as the HESSIAN operator.  Why can I not get MAPLE to express this in the form of a matrix with the NABLA command? Note the discrepancy of NABLA with theDELoperator as well shown by eq's 5 & 6.

Am I missing some command to get NABLA to carry out the correct operation or am I not interpreting what NABLA actually is?


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