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Hello there, my first time posting in this forum and using Maple, so sorry if I make some mistakes.

I'm trying to read a wav audio file, but there's this weird error that I can't understand : 


[Audio, Clip, Convolution, Create, Duration, Extract, FormatFromName, Formats, Modulate, Normalize, Play, Preview, Read, Record, Resample, Scale, ToMono, ToStereo, Write]

audio := Read("C:\\Users\\Simon\\Desktop\\Test\\440.wav");

Error, (in readbytes) WAVE Error: unexpected end of file

Do you know what it can mean ? I'm sure it's a wave file, so I don't really get it

Hi all,


I am generating a sphere with increasing radius that interacts at some point with a plan, just like this:

I would like to find a way to make the sphere "wave" (I agree this is not a wave...) reflected by the plan as in a mirror.

How could I do that ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


I am trying to find a general solution to the 1D-wave equation


pdsolve(Eq1,HINT=f(x)*g(t)); # Hinting pdsolve gives general solution using separation of variables

pdsolve({Eq1,u(x,0)=f(x),D[2](u)(x,0)=g(x)}); # without HINT and using intial conditions, I get travelling wave solution

pdsolve({Eq1,u(x,0)=f(x),D[2](u)(x,0)=g(x)},HINT=f(x)*g(t)); # Now when I try to use hint and ICs both, pdsolve return nothing.

I want to use separation of variables to find solution to the wave equation.

Any comment?


now the equation is


initial condition: u(x,0)=1-(xsign(x)), abslute x<1,0 otherwise. Assume sign(x)=-1 for x<0, 1for x>0 

 Ut(x,0)=cos(pix), bslute x<1, 0 otherwise , he didnt give any B.Cs

so I would like to know the analytical and numerical sols, and plots for the wave at t=2,4

for Numerical:   delta x=0.1, delta t=0.025, range 0..4

U(x,t)= 2/3f(x+t)+1/3f(x-2t)+(1/3pi)(sin(pi(x+t))+(1/3pi)(sin(pi(x-2t)),

f(x)=1-x,abslutex<1, zero otherwise


initial condition: u(x,0)=1-x, abslute x<1   Ut(x,0)=cos(pix), bslute x<1 

B.C U(-4,t)=U(4,t)=0,   delta x=0.1, delta t=0.025, range 0..4                                      


I'm trying to get a hold of using DLL with Maple at the moment.

Just to give you some background informations.

My Headerfile:


using namespade std;

namespace WAVEFUNC

Dear Maple users

I know how to plot surfaces in 3D. However now I have a special task: I want to plot a piece of a solid region in 3D, more precisely a transverse or logitudinal wave. I wonder if there is an easy way to do this in Maple? Any hint will be appreciated!




How can I plot standing waves with extra parameters. That is how can I plot something like 2A*sin(kx)*cos(wt) and vary the parameters to see what would happen if different types of waves traveling in different directions collided.

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