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Has anyone had any luck integrating Maple TA and Ellucian Banner? Specifically storing the test scores in the banner SORTEST table using the Maple TA Web Services API?

More generally, has anyone had an luck pulling scored in to ANY system using the Web API? Care to share a sample of your code?




Dear Maple users

Sometimes I would like to place certain Maple content on my website, for example making it possible for the user to rotate 3d objects (created in Maple) directly on the webpage, in the browser. I did that on one of my own webpages, written in Danish though:

If you scroll to the Catenoid shape, almost at the bottom of the page, one should be able to click this object to have a Javaapplett started. I made this years ago with the help of the great tools created by Konrad Polthier:

It wasn't easy, but I made it work. Things have changed since that time, however. Java is more and more "in bad standing". I was blocked when I tried opening it because of security. Banks is looking for alternatives, also because of security. And the mostly used browser now, Chrome, has stopped supporting it.

Now my question: Is there an alternative? Will HTML5 make it possible to make some kind of "Maple plugin" for Interactive Maple objects to be placed on webpages and interacted with in a Webbrowsers?



Hi all.

I want to make a graphical application for a webpage, showing curves with a certain number of points on X axis (about 10 or 15), and some sort of “handles” on curve values (for every curve,...

Ukaine-2012. External independent evaluation. A trial version in Maple, by Maple.
HTML, Java-Interactive:

For your information.

The growth of the audience of russian Maple site

 year        hits          visitors         hosts        

 2010      608 118    193 495     179 328
 2011  ...

The Standard GUI has an option (Tools -> Options -> General -> Browser) for configuring an installed web browser.  The GUI uses that for its own purposes (for example, clicking on an error message opens the browser at a related Maplesoft site).  Is it possible for the user to access the configured web browser from within Maple, using Maple code?

I think this is more of a blog but we don't have that option so it is here in a post.  Occassionally I like to use Maple to grab data from the internet. 

The problem is that everyone seems to be changing the formats of their webpages.  Out with the old simple txt fomatted data webpages and in with the new html formatted webpages. The trouble with that is, if you already have a worksheet setup to manipulate the data using sockets or HTTP[Get] you...

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