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I'm using maple 14 on a win7 2.8gHz 4gb laptop and over the past 2 days my maple has fallen appart, i'm trying to print a worksheet that is only 5 pages and not especialy complicated but maple's memeroy usage is exploding up to 400mb, or 1.3gb if i actually run the code. I need to print the work sheet and it just spent half an hour "spooling" i don't know what is causing maple to go haywire

I installed M16 32 Bit on my new machine with Win7 64 Bit.

But the following results in crushing mserver.exe:

  tmp := proc( x :: float ) :: float; 2.3 * x end proc:

with system info below.

Do I have to set certain rights for the compiler or define a specific working directory?

The FAQ does not help me.

Dito http://www.maplesoft...
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