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I'm trying to solve the integral u/(1-u) with Maple and noticed that it returned a result that doesn't accord to the solution I found by hand or the solution from WolframAlpha. This is a screenshot of the weird behaviour:

Does Maple do any weird conversions? Or did I do something wrong or is Maple wrong?

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I'm trying to solve this in maple:


solve({0.001=x*exp(0.6/(n*0.026)), 0.01=x*exp(0.68/(n*0.026))},{x,n})

solve({0.001=x*exp(0.6/(n*0.026)), 0.01=x*exp(0.68/(n*0.026))},{x,n})


Wolfrom alpha can do it:*exp%280.6%2F%28n*0.026%29%29%2C+0.01%3Dx*exp%280.68%2F%28n*0.026%29%29%7D%2C%7Bx%2Cn%7D%29


Why can't i get maple to do it?


Thanks in advance!


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While doing some Maple plotting I found myself asking why a high-end scientific computation application like Maple, which is capable of essentially very high ("arbitrary") precision floating-point computation, sometimes makes only crude use of hardware precision plot drivers. I looked around a bit, and found that and related issues are not restricted to Maple.

Let's look first at Maxima. Here's my first example, in Maxima (not Maple) syntax,

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