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If I go to the menu under file and open.  Or similarily CRTL-o opens the file query dialog box. 

Can I do this crtl-o programmatically?

How would I programmatically open a maple worksheet?

I thought this would work but it brought up a -1



Dear all

My son is studying at the Danish University, DTU, where he studies engineering. He is experiencing a problem with maple as the system writes :"There were problems during the loading process. Your worksheet may be incomplete". I can see that other people have had  their file corrected by a script by Joe Riel 6845.I just want to make sure that the right way to use this script is to open .mw file in an texteditor like notepad++ and then copy the script in top of the file and then save the file again and open it in maple ? I would appreciate your help very much. As it looks now,  my son has lost his entire work, if this error cant be corrected.

Best regards
Lars Wagenblast

What method of worksheet dissemination maximizes the number of recipients and methods of access?

Our students do have access to Maple on campus. However some students beyond our campus do not. Hence I'm trying maximize the number of recipients. This means that the recipient can accesses my worksheet either via tradition computer OSs such as Mac, Linux, Windows, or via tablet / personal computer OSs: iOS or Android. 

For a static worksheet, I've found PDF is the obvious choice. However, I'm writing more modifiable worksheets. The most obvious options I see are:

* MaplePlayer
* MapleCloud
* Maple WWW, by DigiArea Team

In investigating the options, I have found that:
* Maple Player is useful to those who have no access to Maple, but there appears to be no Android/iOS version of it.
* MapleCloud looks very promising since all OSs read the web, but there appears to be no way a person can join a private group via the MapleCloud website. Am I missing or misreading the help?
* Maple WWW, while pretty, appears to be painfully slow on a tablet (at least the examples I looked at).

Thus the initial purpose of this post is to answer the questions I raise, which I view as far more strategic, with more nuances than most questions that appear on this forum. And the second purpose is to initiate more discussion among the users year, particularly from the educational community, about guiding the direction of Maple.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

I cannot seem to upload my .mw file.  What is going on with the this new MAPLEPrimes?  I need some help getting my file uploaded.  What other avenue is available?


Hey, this is not the I've had this encounter. I want to open this saved document but when I open it and Maple starts up it just hits me with "A problem was encountered while opening the workbook. Database is not opened". How can I get to open it properly and see my math notes?

How can this be prevented?

When I try to upload the file in this message it says "Cant open a null file"

Any help?






I have a maple file (saved as a workbook) which is saved in dropbox and has been saved during progress.  However, when I open the last version in maple, it opens a version which looks like it is some of the first versions. I have tried following things without success:

* Restore previous versions from dropbox and open them in maple.  No matter which version I open, it shows the same two lines of text.  In dropbox I can see all previous versions and their file size which all are different and increasing in size over time as more was added to the file.

* send the file to another computer and open in maple on that computer


Does anybody have the answer to what I can do/what the problem is?




I need help i worked hard on this work but Maple just won´t open my work!!

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


Hey, I have a problem loading one of my maple files as the headline states.

I have seen a sugestion on how to fix it:

but I do not know how to use it proberly, and can therefore not fix my problem.

What do I do?



Hello people in mapleprimes,

I have a question:
What are you doing when you use maple in calculating, for example, your paper,
to avoid missing, for example, variables you use, or for your needs to look back the outcomes you obtained before?
If this is a paper-using work, on considering what to do next, you will read some pieces of papers you wrote and
on which you had calculated and obtained necessary equations. But, with small monitor 13 inch, and with
inconvenience of dealing with things in PC, compared with papers, I feel some stress in using maple in writing a paper.
So, now, I am asking you what kind of methods you has devised to make what you are writing compact and easy,
for you to handle with what you are writing.

I know surely that there are the document block, which enables output or input to not be shown, the workbook,
which is helpful in putting attached worksheets or jpg files together at one workbook, and the distinction of ":" and ";",
which in the case of the former, hides expressions in the outcome.

But, yet, I want to ask you about the ways you use to make it easy to write something.
If you have some, I will be very glad if you show it here.

Best wishes.










I just went from maple 18 to maple 2016. I use maple as a writing program aswell for notes and school.


I realized that maple 2016 does output lines when writing math in a textbox. This is kind of annoying since notes in chemistry is not allways a true mathematical expression. Therefore maple complains. Is there anyway to change this? 


I have a worksheet (.mw) file that I want to export using a statement to avoid tedious GUI clicking.

How to export a worksheet (.mw) to Maple Input (.mpl) using a statement in the worksheet, so I can just execute the worksheet, and then the Maple Input (.mpl) file is generated?


How to get directory name of current worksheet file ?


So for example if my current worksheet .mw file is saved at "c:\temp\temp\" I can get the directory part as "c:\temp\temp\".


Given that I use Maple as a student I've had to update to the newest version to keep using Maple.

However I find I have a lot of problems with the new version.


Normally when I write an assignement or work on the given problems I use worksheet mode because it is the best mode to spot any mistakes, and I've grown accostumed to it.


My problem however is when I have to use text.


Normally I've hit CTRL+T to get Maple to recognize that I write text, whereupon I write the given assignment, and press CTRL+J for when I want to go on and write some math. However we do have a little issue about the symbols.


Since I am an engineering student we use a lot of greek letters, and in this case I bring up sigma. In the "old" Maple I pressed F5 to get into math, write the symbol I wanted, pressed F5 again to get back to text and keep writing. In Maple 2016 however I do the same and then at the end of the text paragraph maple spits out lines of blue text with all of the "math" that I have written.

So my question is thus: Can I stop Maple from giving me the blue text, or perhaps is there another way to type symbols without having to go into math?

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