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I hope that I will manage to explain my question.

I try to recover the structure of my worksheet by working on XMLElements.

Sometimes, I have in the XMLElements that I recover a XMLElements linked to "Font" and {"encoding" -> "UTF-8"} 

Why for one section defined as "text" and "headling1" I can have a change in "Font"? Is there a possibility to detect this changement for line of text.

In other words, how can I recognize a layout "Font" in a line of a worksheet and how can I change a layout "Font" into a layout "TexttField" ?

Thank you for your help.


I would like to export maple inputs as xml code. The aim is to recover the semantics of the inputs.

I have tried without success with the Export Function.

Have you some ideas to export maple inputs as xml and with preserving the semantics of the input ?

Thanks a lot for your help


I would like some help with this. As so many others  i get this meassage "There were problems during the loading process. Your worksheet may be incomplete." when i treid to open my, almost done, Math assignment.

so i looked the problem op and found that i could retrive alot of my work by changing some lines of code. I could not find the problem.


Any help?



ps. I realy realy realy hope you guys can help me!

Another feature added to Maple 15 partially in response to the MaplePrimes forums is the new/improved ?HTTP package.  It provides one-step commands for fetching data from the web: much simpler than using the ?Sockets package directly. In most cases, the command ?HTTP,Get is what you would use:

 (s, page, h) := HTTP:-Get(""):

The above fetches the HTML source of a page from Wikipedia and stores it as a string 'page'. The other two outputs are 's', and integer HTTP status code and 'h' a table of the headers returned in the HTTP response from the server.  Compare this to the amount of code needed to fetch data in my Baby Names application for Maple 12, for example.

Not sure how to do this.  What I want to do is use maple to grab an RSS feed from the internet and use maple to put it into a readable format

In particular from this website and getting the rss feed xml style webpage from here

I am trying to create a certain visual effect in a Maple document / worksheet.

Basically, I have a small table with colored cells that I want to embed in a worksheet with an altogether different fill color. This sounds simple enough, but it appears that Maple's tables don't allow this.

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