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Thank you Edgardo.

Nothing works and Suppo't@Maplesoft is very silencious.

Thanks again Edgaeo. L just give up.

I am too old for that kinof Stupidities!

Take cade and kind regards,


(can't find the edit button)

Hi everyone,

The itle should have been "error when trying to install the Phyics Packags" ...

That way Eddgardo is safs !

I see t"vvhat 32 persons have read my post without trying to give me  a hint.

évvé ? Carl? and the great helpers here?

I would like to do relativistic QFT but without THE PP J don't know.

Thank you for your  time

You should ask Maple to calculate for you AND Maple Primers what is the solution

of x=1 wrt x and 1+2 = ? Got it Harry ? Moreover it is totally trivial.

Read (not a lot in fact) and then come back here.



Hello :)

It is a very bad idea to reply here to posts 

that are mainly homework.

And it is really trivial.




THANK YOU very much Pascal.

It works perfectly.

Have a great day,


PS: the latest version for 2022.2 is 1421 says Maple.

Hello there,

After 30 years of Maple (yes yes) i didn't even there were a hidden goto in Maple!

For short :never use a goto..

We are not using BASIC 1980 and that's true that goto is a bad habit to use.

You get unreadable programs.

Take care and regards


Yes yes and yes but....I didn't mean that Maple/W11 is officialy supported by Maplesoft.

(in fact it also works fine with the dev Insider Preview)

Yes without any problem.

Hello all,

Thank you so much indeed for your replies.

I had the clue I needed to solve it by pen and paper.

But...Am I allowed to post here a link to the <guess what> newsgroup where I found this series?

Kind regards to each and everyone.



A clue to do it with pen and paper.

You may notice that the 3 functions x->x , x->1/x and x->x/(x-1)

are involutives.

The rest follows...


Brilliant as usual vv.

Vote up.



Brilliant as usual :)

But there's no such thing as "principal value of an angle".

Maybe in the States it is taught as other persons said.(it makes sense)

Here  (in France) we learn that an *angle*  (non-oriented)  is an element of an  equivalence class and it's "representation" is

the GROUP R/(2PiZ). Afterwards we give an orientation (prove that there is two and only two orientations for an angle)

generally  counter-clockwise.

So the "principal value" of -Pi is minus the "principal value" of Pi .

But now we have to define a *measure* for such things but we would go too far

Best to all.

Hello people,

Before using Maple you MUST learn a 'bit' of Mathematics.

Afterwards Maple is your friend.



Tom I too am an old (re)tired (no pun intended) mathematician.

I tried this "thing" for about one hour when I saw the post of the OP  but I gave up :)

Why program in Maple something you already have in front of you.

I have *30* years of programmin in Maple (as well as Mathematica,but this is not the purpose).

OK I won't knock at your door.





Indeed it IS a waste of time and intelligece :)

Tom how many hours have you spent on this ?

Anyway  it's brilliant !

Vote up


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