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I was working on this fairly short equation. The solution gives different results in Maple 11.01 and 11.02:

> solve(0.981747e-8*RR+0.16549e-34*(1/RR^3-1/(0.50e-9+RR)^3)+(0.44e-26*(1+0.127324e10*RR))*10.000^2/RR^2 = 0., RR)

The equation has 7 solutions, of which 3 are real, one of which is for example -9.959429517E-10. The correct value is negative, however Maple 11.01 (build 296069) gives 9.959429517E-10, while Maple 11.02 gives -9.959429517E-10.

IfI declare a function or expression before any "assume" statement, then the variables used in the expression do not have any trailing tildes "~". When an assume statement comes after this, there is some sense in which the variable name is changed (as indicated by the "about" statement), but there is also some sense in which the variable name is not changed, as it is still possible to use "subs" with the original variable name:

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