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Hello Everyone, I am facing a problem related to writing a polynomial in maple. my question is if I have a complex expression or  in two variable like x and lamda and want to generate data points between these two variable e.g for x=0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4.......... and find valve of lamda and then how do I write a polynomial of that generated data points in term of lamda by using curve fitting command of maple.......pls downland  and have a look on my maple file


Hello everyone I am trying to solve the transcendental equation by using the regular false position method cannot succeed. is their nay can solve it form me...

F := ((-288*(lambda + (2*k)/3 - 2/3)*sqrt(2)*lambda^2*arctan(sqrt(4*lambda/(1 - k) - 2)*sqrt(2)/2)/(1 - k)^2 - 144*(lambda + (2*k)/3 - 2/3)*Pi*lambda^2*sqrt(2)/(1 - k)^2 - 36*((lambda + (2*k)/3 - 2/3)*(4*lambda/(1 - k) - 2) + (10*lambda)/3 + (4*k)/3 - 4/3)*sqrt(4*lambda/(1 - k) - 2))*(1 - k)^2)/(256*lambda^2)

Hello every one can any one help me regarding how to separate the vale of constant while solving ODE with given boundary condition?

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