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i would also not like to ask, but if not ask, what should i do?

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LeadingTerm(y^2-x^2/y, plex(x, y));

(in Groebner:-LeadingTerm) the input is not polynomial in, {x, y}

how to do when fraction in it ?

it return error


Buchberger function same as Basis function then how to make it as solver function?

is it the newly added y(y-1) be used in solver to find x ?

i find eliminate without y*(y-1) same solution as adding y*(y-1)

why premas and Reduce are different for calculating remainder h?

where is wrong in commented L and S polynomials ? LCM wrong?


premas := proc(P,A, PRing)
local R, i, x;
R := P;
i := nops(A);
while i <> 0 do
 x := MainVariable(A[i], PRing);
 R := prem(R, A[i],x);
 i := i - 1:
return R:
end proc:

Buchberger := proc(Fparam, PRing)
#Fparam := [x*y-x, -y+x^2]:
F := MakeUnique(Fparam):
GG := choose(F, 2):
G := F:
while GG <> [] do
f := GG[1][1]:
g := GG[1][2]:
GG := [seq(GG[i], i=2..nops(GG))]:
#L := lcm(TrailingTerm(f, PRing)[2],TrailingTerm(g, PRing)[2]):
#S := simplify(L/LeadingTerm(f, PRing)[2]*f - L/LeadingTerm(g, PRing)[2]*g);
S := SPolynomial(f, g, PRing);
# S reduce to G modulo h
#h := premas(S, G, PolynomialRing([x, y, z]));
h := Reduce(S, G, PRing, 'h');
if h = 0 then
h := []:
end if:
if h <> [] then
 GG := [op(GG), [SelectFirst(G), h]]:
 G := [op(G), h]:
end if:
return G:
end proc:
sol := Buchberger([x*y-x, -y+x^2], plex(x, y));
eliminate([x*y-x, -y+x^2],[x,y]);
sol := Basis([x*y-x, -y+x^2], plex(x, y));
solve([x*y-x, -y+x^2]);

pointset := [A, [0,0], B, [0,v_B], C, [u_C, v_C], D, [x_D, y_D], O, [x_O, y_O]];
for i from 1 to nops(pointset)/2 do
print(i, i+1);
pointset[i] := pointset[i+1];
how to Make A := [0,0] instead of pointset[1] 

I rename text file as mws when I click it , it show a few button and then need to extra click maple input and then need to click enter in order to run.


how to run directly when I open it with maple?

I find eval(Diff(x,x)) still is Diff(x,x)

how to make become 1

or how to evaluate Capital Diff ?


and I find sum(diff(x^k,x)/k! , k=1..n)

return exp(x) *gamma(n,x)/gamma(n)

why not exp(x)?


and diff( m(x+ diff(...) ...) / diff without m(x) , why return 0

i still have not define m(x)


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