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i would also not like to ask, but if not ask, what should i do?

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@Mariusz Iwaniuk 

but the proof is not using the definition to proof


i do not know F(x)

then assume it is exp(x) and assign weight on each terms of exp(x)

look like machine learning 

but the residue terms of exp(x) may be different.

it may lack of laws of weight and do not know which type of x value that can work with weight



diff(f,x)=F(x) | x=1 = 0

             F(x) | x=2 = 0

...four equations system

assume F(x) = w dot product exp(x) 

i use first four terms of exp(x)


but I am wrong because the residue of each equation are different

Can not solve or minimise in this case.


for example


b/a, c/d

sort it

should be [a, b, c, d] or [c, d, a, b]

how to check 

whether have case that [a, c, b, d]

or [a, c, d, b]

if these case exist then It must not a correct sequence

how to check this case?


if I use a series of values which fluctuate around a value then I assume that is a ratio of an unknown sequence

i sort this ratio series and use sequence library to guess generating function

is it possible to find a consistent sequence or generating function from any subset of sequence?

how many data required to ensure that series is a consecutive ratio that can be guess?

if accuracy is not enough, then will it affect the convert to fraction ?

because I sort the all denominator and numerator into one series.

@Carl Love 

is there examples about apply rules such as beta reduction to a algebra function? Or define rules etc basic material?

i can not search lambda calculus example in help file.

which books have these examples or basic example that can be used by edit Haskell code to maple code?


can not access


my user name and administrator has read access , unencrypted still can not access

i tried and opened with notepad


my keys has repeated value

how to do?

and I want value of table only one value , not a list



Thank you very much

i will redefine the problem


if add extra feature to make it can feedback such as adding condition

how to do?

i find conditions are hard coded

if it output maxmize result only, then would like to feedback by add extra condition such as A, B, C can not be divisible by 7

how to add conditions programmatically?


if above difficult then how to add condition a,b,c not divisible by 7


how to change to output all possible set of a, b, c instead of maximise?

@Carl Love 

i would like to automate to change suspected pattern into a system equations to solve and then verify with sorting algorithm by comparing whether all data matched


error after run code

would like to test A+B <= 59  and A+B+C <= 57 too

@Carl Love 

is pattern Regex Solver equal math regex solver?

how to write a pattern regex Solver?

can accumulate function and sorting algorithm do pattern regex solver?

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