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@acer basically i have made a .ps1 file that will change any .html to a .txt file, which i intend to then import into maple which will extract the urls contained within it and save them to a new txt file, the original html is my favourites exported from the EDGE browser, but i am new to computing and there is all of this additional content in the html thats makes me feel suspicious, so i am making a maple worksheet that strips it down to only  a  list of websites i put in my favourites 

@fzfbrd  i have but only briefly thanks i will give this a go

This isn't something that will be included if I update my maple 16 is it? :-(

@mmcdara Sure yes the original code i made was because i dont like seeing the logical connectives in inequality related problems thats why i used the "``" things in the beginning, but i guess i need to give up being pedantic about the presentation of output for this one

@tomleslie oh ok thanks very much i guess i just then decided i want a windows 7 VM it isnt important you're right



Ok thanks Tom in all fairness i havent actually tried the worksheet on the regular types of html docos that a new programmer is familiar with, nor have i tried. Can you please direct me to a link of that windows build so i can make a virtual and run your worksheet from that?

@Carl Love  please in future assistance (which i very much appreciate) try to use less rapey and terrifying hypotheticals.

@Carl Love yes but this is obviously very straight forward if we want to have a public IP camera with an address that maple accepts i feel as if the value in my ramble is lost if i dont emphasize i only want it to be streamed to local link addresses in my network, I'm just so pretty and charming carl i cant risk the internet falling in love :-P 

@Carl Love  well my computing knowledge is very much in it's infancy at this point, and I had gone ahead and gotten a little grandiose in invisaging a more sophisticated design to the basic stratedgy i have decided to go with, and that is simply using the StringTools package with maplets to essentially display all the matches for the regular expression i punch into a text box, then copying it to the clipboard or piping it to my linux VMs with netcat or something,but yes eventually having an interactive or bilateral data exchange between a maple session and the linux virtual machines I am learning in would be ideal. 

But again I have been geting very overwhelmed with the computing terminology I've had to absorb and reabsorb, so I don't think me attempting to elaborate any further will be of benefit, it might be best if I bookmark the question and paraphrase at a later date when I know what I am talking about. 

@Rouben Rostamian  


I have undertaken a significant project of becoming linux proficient so that's always welcome assistance there, basically I want to be able to pipe output from maple to the command line of the host operating system, which is windows 10 at the moment, once the coin jar fills up to buy another maple install it will literally only matter with regard to linux, but none the less my  only forseeable need is  for passing instructions to the host OS when the maple command does not exist and the tasks required cannot be done directly from within a maple worksheet.

@Joe Riel  I'm still using 16 but my point is that i have used that package a ton without any issue before

@Carl Love 


Ok thanks again Carl and very much appreciated as always. I'll keep the worksheet open and leave it here for now, until I can get a better grip on what it is i am trying to ask here.


If you know of any open source IDE or external references regarding the nature of random number generators that might help me get a clue that would also be appreciated.

@acer correct i attempted to debug maple using Microsoft Visual Studio, and it was the output from this that declared that PDB files were unable to be found for some modules.



ok thanks tom interesting this would be so crucial

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