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I will never understand, why spam postings are deleted - but the user is not locked or trashed.

Today again the same is flooding again.

Fine if it can be managed.

Additionally it would be of great help, if threads can be viewed in their
original semantical ordering, i.e. as they have been meant and created
by the contributors (and not through 'ratings').

If not many are very hard to read, some still almost useless.

Though Maple provides routines to express integers or floating in different
integer bases the output looks not as nice as I want to have it.

And for example it does not work as expected using the 'simple ways' (while
for hex there is no simple way for floats):

  Digits:=16; # for all the following

  x:= x* SFloat(1,-14);

At there seems to be a quite
interesting contribution by Rob Corless, Erik Postma and David Stoutemyer.

It would be helpfull and interesting to provide the according paper as well (through a link?).
Hope this message is read by Eric Postma.


PS: I wanted to drop an according message at the center as comment, but failed to log in,

As sometimes the question comes up "how to have a pdf documents for this?" here is a free way to such on Windows:


Essentially by that you install a printer, which just does it. And as such allows to print threads here from the board, or Maple sheets or simply from any application.

After some configuration hanky-panky it is easy to use.

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