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So as to build a function which gives several outputs, i have made a code with this manner :

Input:=[i1, ..., in]


      export o1, o2, o3
      end module

End proc;

By doing, output1:=Output(Input):-o1; , i obtained my result. However, as my structure begins with the procedure (proc End proc), I can't export my result in package.

For this reason, I'm thinking about changing the structure of my code by starting with the creation of the module and put all the functions inside.

Input:=[i1, ..., in]


export o1,o2,o3;
option package;
end proc;

end proc;

end proc;
End module;

Can you give me your feedback on the two structures ? Do you think that the second choice Module->Functions is more appropriated ?

Thanks a lot of your help and feedback.


I would like to know if it is possible to create a dll function from a maple function (a procedure) which would be directly usable in a excel sheet.

In other words, similary to the VBA function that it is possible to build in Excel, i would like to create a dll function that i could use in Excel.

If it is possible, can you help me to use a good process?

Thank you for your help and feedback.


To have to better overview of a package, I would like to be able to group/ ungroup all the lines inside a subpackage as it is possible to do for example in a worksheet.

Is there a possibility to group lines (as a section) inside a package ?

Thank you for your feedback


I have a package with multiple subpackages that I want to correct.

For troubleshooting my package, i would be interested by 2 points :
1) I would like use subsection for each subpackage. It would enable to have a better view of the structure of my package. However, I heard that sections, and subsections can lead to syntax errors. Is there a possibility to gather lines in a subpackages as with a section or subsection ?

2) To troubleshoot my package, I would like to comment a important part of code lines. Is there a technique to comment/ uncomment an important group of lines in the same time. I would enable me to valid my code little by little.

Thanks a lot for your help and tips so as to troubleshoot a big package with many subpackages.



I try to retrieve some procedures from a package that I have in a 2D output.

But, when I copy/paste in a 1D maple input or a simple text file, the main part of the procedure is replaced by "...".

Example :

proc(a, b)  ...  end;

Do you have a idea to suppress this feature ? and so that I can retrieve the desired procedures?

Thanks a lot for your help


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