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I would like to know if it is possible to create a dll function from a maple function (a procedure) which would be directly usable in a excel sheet.

In other words, similary to the VBA function that it is possible to build in Excel, i would like to create a dll function that i could use in Excel.

If it is possible, can you help me to use a good process?

Thank you for your help and feedback.


To have to better overview of a package, I would like to be able to group/ ungroup all the lines inside a subpackage as it is possible to do for example in a worksheet.

Is there a possibility to group lines (as a section) inside a package ?

Thank you for your feedback


I have a package with multiple subpackages that I want to correct.

For troubleshooting my package, i would be interested by 2 points :
1) I would like use subsection for each subpackage. It would enable to have a better view of the structure of my package. However, I heard that sections, and subsections can lead to syntax errors. Is there a possibility to gather lines in a subpackages as with a section or subsection ?

2) To troubleshoot my package, I would like to comment a important part of code lines. Is there a technique to comment/ uncomment an important group of lines in the same time. I would enable me to valid my code little by little.

Thanks a lot for your help and tips so as to troubleshoot a big package with many subpackages.



I try to retrieve some procedures from a package that I have in a 2D output.

But, when I copy/paste in a 1D maple input or a simple text file, the main part of the procedure is replaced by "...".

Example :

proc(a, b)  ...  end;

Do you have a idea to suppress this feature ? and so that I can retrieve the desired procedures?

Thanks a lot for your help



I would to understand a code that I have where the structure of packages are often using a local variable in a particular way. A variable local _DO_CONSTRAINT with the same name as the procedure DO_CONSTRAINT is created.

The code is the following :

module () 
option package; 

_DO_CONSTRAINT:=proc (phi::list, varslist::list) 
table([obj = CONSTRAINT, expr = phi, vars = varslist]) 
end proc

DO_CONSTRAINT:=proc (phi::{list, scalar}, vars::{list, scalar}) 
if type(phi, scalar) and type(vars, scalar) then 
_DO_CONSTRAINT([phi], [vars]) 
elif type(phi, list) and type(vars, list) and nops(phi) = nops(vars) then 
_DO_CONSTRAINT(phi, vars) 
else ERROR("The number of expressions <phi> and variables <vars> are not equal") 
end if 
end proc

end module

Question :
1) It seems me that this technique enable to adapt the procedure  (DO_CONSTRAINT) to different types of inputs that we can try on it (lists or scalars). Do I right ? May you give me more informations on how it works ?
2) Is it the only possibility to do this ? In other words, is there a possibility to make a similar code and also concise but without using this local variable ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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