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I'd like to identify terms before the differential terms (theta(t), diff(theta(t),t) ...)

The following code with coeff function works for  diff(theta(t), t, t)) but not for diff(theta(t), t)
Here the code :
eq1pp := R(t) = -(-sin(theta[0]+phi)*Isup-sin(theta[0]+phi)*L[fixe]^2*M[fixe]-sin(theta[0]+phi)*L[r]^2*M[r]-sin(theta[0]+phi)*L[sup]^2*M[sup]+cos(theta[0]+phi)*a*sin(phi)*L[fixe]*M[fixe]+cos(theta[0...


I'd like to solve  a system of 3 équations and 3 unknows. The system is composed with 3 trigonometric equations and the unknows are the angles gamma_e[1], psi_e[1],phi_e[1] which belongs between 0 and PI.
I have tried this with SOLVE function and i didn't have any results



I'd like to modify the form of this expression

den := 1.*omega^4/omega[n]^4+1.-2.*omega^2/omega[n]^2+4.*epsilon^2*omega^2/omega[n]^2

To manage to have this form.

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