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I'm a quiet perplexed  in front of the result of the function solve for trigonometric equations.

The result of this equation solve(cos(x)=a,x); is arccos(a) and the solution -arcos(a) is not given.

In order to have the other solution (-arccos(a)), I try this solve({cos(x)=a,x>Pi/2,x<3*(Pi/2)},x); but without success.

1) How can I obtain all the solution with the solve function with trigonometric equation and only symbolic equations (no numerical value)?

2) Is it possible to obtain a specific solution by defining the definition domain of the variables in the equation ?

Thanks a lot for your help


I have to solve numerical trogonometric equations such as :

But, after, I would like to keep only the solution defined in a specific interval such as : [0,Pi]

1) Is there a possibility to define options with the function solve to limit the solutions belonging to a specific interval ?

2) Otherwise, may you help me to make an systematic process to choose a solution in a specific interval ?

Thank you for your help



With the Explore function, the use of sliders is very convenient to test the sensibility of a result with regard to a parameter.

However, It is also very convenient to specify a accurate value to a parameter.

Consequently, i would like to combine the use of slider (usually defined in the default mode) with the use of the option "controller=textarea".

Do you have ideas to combine the use of slider and the use of textarea for the definition of the parameters in the Explore function ?

Here you can find a example of the theta4 function depending of 8 parameters (xp3,xp4,zp3,zp4,phi3,phi4, gamma3, gamma4).

I manage to use either the sliders or the textarea option but not both.

Thank you in advance for your help and ideas.


I try to use the Explore function on a trigonometric expressions depending of 8 parameters. My aim is to study the influence of these parameters on the results.

However, i receive an error message and I didn't manage to troubleshoot it.

May you have a look of an extract of my code and see if you see the mistake ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


I would like to silmplify a trigonometric equation with some squares. I'm sure this equation can be reduced but i didn't manage to simplify it with Maple.

Here is the equation (named condition in the maple file) that I would like to simplify:


May you help me to simplify this trigonometric equation?

I would like simplification if time the pattern cos()^2+sin()^2 appears.

Thanks a lot for your help

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