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@Carl Love 

Hello, I encounter another issue with this kind of line because the semicolons are also used for the definition of vectors.

Barre_1_Euler_epsilon_B = [u_1*u_2,u_3,0;-u_1*u_3,u_2,0;sin(Barre_1_Euler_epsilon_beta),0,1];

Do you have ideas so as to tackle this problem?

Thanks a lot for your help.

@Carl Love 

In fact, it is almost perfect except that when I do a copy/ paste from matlab, I have this symbol ">" that I need to suppress by hand inder to run the function.

[>MS:= "
 >Barre_1_Euler_epsilon_beta = Barre_1_Euler_epsilon_eps(2,1);
 >Barre_1_Euler_epsilon_gamma = Barre_1_Euler_epsilon_eps(3,1);
 >u_1 = cos(Barre_1_Euler_epsilon_beta);
 >u_2 = cos(Barre_1_Euler_epsilon_gamma);
 >u_3 = sin(Barre_1_Euler_epsilon_gamma);

By chance, do you have a idea so that I can do the copy/ paste without the creation of the maple symbol ">" ?

It should enable me to not having to suppress each symbol with a handy process ?

Nota: If it is not clear, I can send you a example.

Thank you for your help.

@Carl Love 

You perfectly answer to my question.

Thanks a lot for your help!


I observe the same operating on my maple worksheet and maple15.

I notice that if i let the default format for the heading and a label without accent.

This time I can keep a definition with a layout "TextField" and without the layour "Font".

So, I believe that the "Heading 1" instances that contain the text wrapped in a Font element happen when you use accent in your title and it should link with {"encoding" -> "UTF-8"}.



Thank you answer for your help.

1) I open the .mw directly as XML format in another software. So, as you say, I have indeed a large nested function with XMLElements.

2) The point is that I didn't manage to recover some labels with the layout "Font". So, I would like to transform directly in my worksheet all the line with a layout "Font" into a line with a layout "TextField". The problem is that i easily detect the "Font" layout in the XML function but i didn't find where the layouts "Font" are defined for the code lines in my worksheet.

a) How can I recognize a layout "Font" in a line of a worksheet ?
b) How can I change a layout "Font" into a layout "TexttField" ?

3) I'm very interested about the project you told me at the end enabling the extraction of the contents. 

a) Is it possible for you to share it ?

a) Does your program enable to recover also the structure of the workwheet (Section 1 defined with Headling 1, Subsection1 defined with Headlings 2, ...)

Thank you for your help and advices

@Carl Love 

Thank you for your answer.

You probably right.

Instead of using algsubs, it is may be better to use subs with the following substitutions :

xA1 = rF1 * cos(aF1)
yA1 = rF1 * sin(aF1)

since after substitions i would like to have my expressions with rF1, aF1.

I find this issue.

In fact, when upgrading to maplesim2015, all the components of the model still work except the angular sensors.

I put new angular sensor with maplesim2015 and now it works.


@Thomas Richard 

Thank you for your answer.

It perfectly works.

@one man 

In fact, my question is focused on the use of Maplesim.

In others words, how can I define the orientation of a body thanks to rotation matrix in Maplesim ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

@Thomas Richard 

Thanks a lot for your help.

I could make the troubleshooting by disabling some components so as to open the kinematic loops.

By this way, maplesim was able to make the necessary calculations for the visualization of the mechanism.

@Thomas Richard 

My main windows where we can see my maplesim model:


The visualization windows after having clicked on the 3D construction mode :






I can understand that maplesim has some difficulties to show the 3D visualization if i have some bad inconsistent initial conditions with the kinematic constraints enforced.

In that case, how can I do to ask maplesim to show th visualization without the enforcement of the kinematic constraints ? It would enable me to see how my rigid bodies have been located.

I have already tried to push the button update 3D view. But, when i do this, the calculation never stops. It is probably due to the bad initial conditions that i mentioned.

Thanks a lot for your help.


@Thomas Richard

Thank you for your Help.

I use maplesim 7.

i have indeed the Vertical tabs.

however, i don t why i didn t see the 3D in the 3D construction

@Carl Love 

In fact, when i use the export as html with the MATHML/ content, I obtain a html fil which is like this :

- the titles are well translated into MATHML

- but, what is the most important for me : the maple inputs, are translated into strings in the html.

I would have like to apply the export as MATHML to a block of maple inputs.

For the moment, I can do it only on an expression with the function ExportContent.

Moreover, it seems that the new features of Maple15 should permit to export as XML (see in the help of Export function)

Thank you for you help so as to export expression as xml.


I have tried this :


Export(expr, target = direct, format = "XML");


Error, (in XMLTools:-ToString) invalid input: _xml expects its 2nd argument, f, to be of type {string, function}, but received a = (1/2)*m*x^2

But, it is not working.


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