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We are currently working on a set of updates for MaplePrimes and will include this improvement as well. Thanks for the suggestion!


Thanks a lot for your question. Unfortunately, I think you mis-read the details of the student purchase process. There are no refunds or rebates given to students once they demonstrate student eligibility. The price listed in the web store is the final price of the product.

If you have further questions about student purchases or about your particular order, I recommend that you contact our customer service team, who will be more than happy to help you out.


Thanks for your post, Remon.

There are some great videos avaialble on that can help you learn how to use Maple.  The first place to check out is our Maple training videos section, and especially make sure to view the student tutorial videos. We have produced about 30 tutorials that demonstrate how to use Maple to solve common math problems that students encounter in their courses.  You can find the student training videos here:

We also hae another collection of videos called Teaching Concepts with Maple. These videos cover a wide range of topics and demonstrate how to use Maple to learn mathematical concepts more quickly.  You can find this section here:  Note that these videos have been created with teachers in mind, but are still quite helpful for students.

And of course, MaplePrimes is here for when you get stuck on a particular problem or concept.

Best of luck in your studies!


There was a problem with the notification system and it has been corrected. You should notice that messages are once again being sent out.


@bthur test

@bthur another test comment

@bthur a test reply

The Maple Programming Guides can also be downloaded from the Maple Documentation Center for no charge.  If you would prefer to have printed copies, they can be purchased in the Maplesoft web store.


When a file is attached to a MaplePrimes question or post, the link to that file actually goes through an intermediate "document view" page, which is the .aspx page that you refer to.  So that explains why your browser is trying to download the .aspx page when you right-click.

However, if you simply left-click the worksheet link, you will be prompted to download the file itself.


You can submit any errors in Help (or anywhere else in a Maplesoft product) to Maplesoft via the Software Change Request form.

If you are viewing the online version of the help system, you also have the option of providing comments/suggestions at the bottom of every help page.


My apologies... that is a feature that should not be available to the public!  Axel is correct, however, that it has to do with the spam that we've been receiving.  Those options should no longer appear for users.


Are people still finding MaplePrimes slow? There are times when the server gets overloaded and things slow down a bit, but it's been my experience that things have sped up dramatically since the server was upgraded last month and that, on average, the site is much faster than it used to be. Granted, I normally access the site from inside our network, but I still notice the difference. I'd be interested in hearing your recent experiences about site speed.

As for the file deletions, the "marking as private" feature essentially works as a deletion. Once marked as private, no one else can access the documents except the submitter. So for all intents and purposes, they are removed in much the same way that the Windows recycle bin handles deleted files (i.e., they are still present, but pointers have been removed and status has been changed). Also note that the number of files that we are currently storing is not significant and in no way impacts site performance.

What seems to be missing is a feature to delete a file permanently, which I agree could be useful in order to keep your list of files as clean as possible. As many of you know, we are currently working on the new version of Primes (I'll be posting an update about this soon), and we will look at how we are storing files for everyone.

In the meantime, if there is a file that you would like permanently deleted, please send me a note and I will make sure that is taken care of for you.

Bryon Thur

Thank you for pointing out this error.  It has been corrected, and the Maple Adoption Student Forums are once again open for business at

Bryon Thur
Manager, Web Operations

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