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@Carl Love 

Thanks for letting us know about the problems you have experienced with the editor. We will look into them!

A note that we have updated MaplePrimes to address the "reply-to" problem that was periodically occurring. We are hopeful that we have solved the issue, but please let us know if you still encounter issues.

We have posted an update to MaplePrimes to address the "reply-to" bug that was recently introduced. It turned out to be an elusive issue to track down, and we are hopeful that it has now been taken care of.

As always, please continue to post any issues that you discover.


@Will Thanks - I missed that. We have updated the site and that should now be fixed.

@herclau We ran some tests and the message subscription feature appears to be working correctly. Perhaps your e-mail client is blocking them?

For reference, all subscription notification messages get sent from, and have the subject line: " Notifications for [your name]".

Also, if you use an RSS tool, you can subscribe to any message via the Comments Feed link that appears under each post or question.


At the moment, there is not a site setting that allows you to change your default setting for message ordering.

I expect to add this feature sometime over the next 2 or 3 weeks.

@Axel Vogt 

We moved some of the editing & less-used messaging features to the "More" button that appears under each post.


Thanks for your comment. When you select a date-sort, MaplePrimes currently outputs the questions in chronological order (i.e., earliest first) - our opinion is the most logical way to follow a conversation. However, I realize that others may have different preferences, and as mentioned in this post, we will expand this functionality in the coming weeks to give users the choice.

Just a quick update that this has been changed.

Note that I have taken a couple of comments (including this one from Christopher) suggesting that reverse choronological is preferred.

We are going to keep it at chronological for now, but will be making another minor set of updates over the coming weeks that will give people the choice to sort either way, and also to save a default as part of your profile, if desired.

Hi Carl - I absolutely agree - when you choose to order by date, it should be chronological, not reverse choronological. We are working at that right now and it will be corrected shortly.

Most of the MapleSim models from the Application Center will be migrated to the Model Gallery, but not all. The specific model that you mention (Tuned Mass Damper) will be moved to the Model Gallery.

Within the Model Gallery itself, we are going to strive to always make sure that each model has been tested with the current version of MapleSim, and we do not have plans to maintain an archive of models for prior versions.

The Application Center is indeed undergoing some minor changes. We are working on transitioning all of the MapleSim examples to the MapleSim Model Gallery. A number of them have already been moved over, and we are working through the others.

We are aware of the 'search result' issue that you mentioned, and that will be corrected within the next few days.

Although I do think that there is value in the 'popularity-based ordering' system for questions and posts, I understand some people may have other preferences. As a result, one of the items on our "MaplePrimes to-do" list is to provide an option to change the view of a thread to chronological. We haven't been able to address it yet, but I can tell you that it is in the project plan for some MaplePrimes improvements that we have planned for the first quarter of 2013.

Also, I certainly do not believe that MaplePrimes "2" is flawed, nor have we deserted our plans to continue to improve it. There are always enhancements that can (and will) be made to MaplePrimes, and we take care of things as resources & priorities allow. I can promise you that any perceived lack of progress is not from us turning "deaf ears" to your requests!

As always, we genuinely appreciate the passion of the MaplePrimes community, and are looking forward to continuing to make MaplePrimes the best community site for our users!

I have removed all of the spam posted during the last attack.

Fortunately, attacks of this scale don't occur too often.  If it becomes more frequent, we will look at taking some additional measures on MaplePrimes to keep it spam-free.  But everything that we add will also make it more difficult for legitimate users to collaborate, so I don't want to move in that direction unless it becomes a serious problem.

Just a quick note that this problem has now been resolved in the Application Center, and HTML preview functionality has been returned to normal.

Thank you all for your patience as we worked through the issue.


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