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Thanks for posting about this.  It's definitely a bug and we'll look into it.



Hello Mostafa,

There are multiple ways that you can purchase MapleSim toolboxes, or other products.


Hello Mostafa,

There are multiple ways that you can purchase MapleSim toolboxes, or other products.

A quick note that the link to the help file mentioned by Torre can be found online here:

@J F Ogilvie Thanks for letting us know about your book.  We have added it to our books database here:

A test comment

Thanks for reporting the typo. It has been corrected.

I too like Christopher's suggestions, and we will make sure to get them into an upcoming revision.  As some of you will recall, I posted a list of changes that we were working on for the updates that were published last week, and the 'date sort' idea is already included. Unfortunately, we were not able to complete all of them for this release, but they will be addressed.  I also want to spend some time improving the speed of MaplePrimes.

The suggestion of a "Getting Started" category is an interesting one. My only concern is that it would conflict with the "Maple Tips & Techniques" category, as I can see a great deal of overlap between them.  What are your thoughts? Is this something that could instead be handled with a new tag (e.g., GettingStarted)?

Regarding the MaplePrimes news section, I think the idea in principle is a cool one, but in practice it would not contain anything more than what we already post to MaplePrimes about our plans and updates.  I do try to keep everyone informed about what we're working on, but not to the extent of keeping a detailed project schedule posted.  Competing priorities mean that timelines & deliverables frequently get shuffled around, so it would be difficult to consistently provide accurate times & deliverables.  Perhaps changing the name of the "MaplePrimes Suggestions" forum to something like "MaplePrimes News & Suggestions" would be a good start, and I would use that for all of my posts about the site.  Another possibility is to create a tag (e.g., MaplePrimesNews) that could be used to help keep things organized.

Finally, I want to address the idea of "awarding" a reputation point for posting a question or answer. I am philosophically against this idea. The idea behind reputation is to assign points for quality, which is determined by other members of the community via the up-vote button.  I don't like the idea that someone could game their reputation simply by posting a raft of low-quality material. Badges, on the other hand, are acknowledgements of YOUR activities on MaplePrimes.  If you post a whole lot of content, for example, you will receive the Prolific Poster badge.

Looking forward to your thoughts...

Thank you all for your comments & bug-reports. We made another update to Primes today that addressed these. Specifically, some of the changes we made include:

  • Flipping between multiple pages in your favorites section now works correctly
  • The 'empty comments' problem (described above) has been corrected
  • You can now add your own content to your favorites list, and it does not impact your reputation score
  • Added a number of new badges including:
    • Quality Controller: Submitted a suggestion using the SCR form
    • Moderator: Edited another user's question or post
    • Moderator Supreme: Edited 10 questions or posts by other users
    • Fan Favorite: One of your questions or posts has been favorited by 5 members
    • Archivist: Added a question or post to your favorites list
    • Tree Planter: Create a new post or question by branching off an existing one
    • Visualizer: use the Maple Plot feature 5 times

In response to Roman's comment above, we are aware that the site is a bit on the slow side and will be addressing that, along with a number of other things, as we move forward with the site.

It wasn't so much a silent launch as you were too quick!

I have now posted a message summarizing the update, and in that you will also notice that the badges will be updated soon, likely over the next day or two.

I agree that downvoting did not serve the purpose that we had originally hoped for, so we are going to remove it. We are actually in the process of preparing an update to MaplePrimes that will remove downvoting, as well as addressing a number of other issues. 

Thanks for pointing out this issue.  This problem has been corrected and Maple V applications are once again available in the Application Center.

The 'Best of MaplePrimes' idea is a great one!

Coming soon, we will be introducing a 'favorites' feature on MaplePrimes that will allow users to maintain their own list of favorite posts & questions, and to share them with others.  We hope this will prove to be a compelling new feature and as an extension, a basis for some interesting endeavours such as the 'best of' suggestion by hirnyk.

Also, a note that when favorites comes online, the thumbs-down aspect of the MaplePrimes voting system will be removed, which will hopefully have a positive impact.

Yes, we can lock out an account, and we have done so in the past.  However the bug we found allows, in certain situations, a recently locked out user to still post content.  That is the issue we are taking care of right now.

Hi Axel,

I agree with you completely -- the ideal situation is to remove the user entirely. This is actually a bug that we are currently addressing.  In the meantime, we're trying as hard as we can to stay on top of the spam as it's coming in.


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