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A quick note that we have corrected the Internet Explorer 9 issue as reported above.

Thanks for alerting us to the problem.  We have replicated the problem on our end and are looking into it.

@pagan Certain members have had the ability to moderate posts in the past and we did not encounter any issues whatsoever.  What we found is that moderators would use their ability to remove spam and to, in rare cases, correct obvious typos or formatting issues.  We never encountered an issue where someone changed the context or content of a message.

The reputation level threshold will be set very high for this permission and all changes will be logged.  The major type of change that I expect to see is the reclassification of a message from a post to a question, or vice-versa. If we encounter any issues, we will address them.

@roman_pearce There are no formatting issues planned in this round of changes.  I do like your idea about having inline notifications within MaplePrimes.  It may not make it into this update, but I have recorded it and we will definitely look at it again.

Hi Axel,

That is part of the planned update.  For any thread, you will have the option to view the messages by relevance (this is how they are currently shown), or to have them displayed by date, which will put them in the ordering that you describe in your comment.

As always, we genuinely appreciate when you take the time to report issues and suggestions to us, and we do take them seriously.  We take MaplePrimes in general very seriously.  It is a critical resource and we devote a lot of effort & mindshare to it.

However, there are some realities that get in the way of devoting all the time to it that I would like to.  Our web development team is small, and we do not have a dedicated MaplePrimes resource. As you can imagine, there are many web initiatives going on at any given time, and priorities are juggled like they are in any organization with limited resources.

We deal with critical bugs immediately (I classify this issue as an 'annoyance', not a critical issue), but the rest get grouped together and we then schedule a project to deal with them.  In fact, we have a MaplePrimes project scheduled for this quarter that will see us take care of a number of lingering issues, as well as make some other changes that have been suggested since the new site was launched.  As we get closer, I will provide more details about what we are planning.

Manager, Web Operations 


The old file manager was replaced with a new file uploader which is available directly from the message editor.

To add a file to any post or question, click on the 'green up arrow' icon in the editor to launch the file uploader.  Within that dialog, you will have the ability to add one or more files, and then add them directly to your message by clicking the "add links or content" button.

I hope this helps.


We published a change to the Application Center that corrected the problems with Advanced Search, as well as a couple of other issues.

Christopher -- thanks for letting us know.


Just a note that we are aware of these problems and we are certainly not ignoring your comments. We are currently working to address them, and the updates will be applied in the coming weeks.



An update: tag-related-pages have now been filtered out of the MaplePrimes search.  Thanks again for the suggestion -- the search results are definitely improved as a result.


That's a good suggestion.  We will add that filter to our search results sometime within the next week.


To be clear, Maplesoft does not share any MaplePrimes member information with third party companies such as the organizations mentioned by Axel in the post above.  The calls to, offermatica ( & offermatica are both operated by a company called Omniture) and google are for site tracking and statistics.  The call to Facebook is for embedded Facebook functionality that is available on each page that allows someone to "like" one of our posts with their Facebook account.

As for site performance, that is something that is very important to us and have been working at improving since launch.  In fact, Will recently posted an announcement about some recent improvements, and we have others planned.


Running two versions of MaplePrimes in order to run a comparison test is simply not feasible, not to mention the confusion it would cause for users.  And while I agree that comparing year over year numbers is not a perfect benchmark, it is the best we have and in general works very well. As I mentioned previously, the traffic numbers thus far not only show increased usage with new Primes, but also increased content engagement.  Content engagement rates tends to stay consistent regardless of traffic, so seeing an increase there is significant.

Regardless, we have noted all of the suggestions/complaints we have received and we will continue to work at improving MaplePrimes, which is easier for us now that the switch from our old architecture has been made.

As for the question about polls, that feature was removed as it wasn't popular on the last site.

Finally, if there is data that you were trying to back-up from the old site, please let me know what you'd like and we will try to help you out.  All of the data for old Primes still exists, so we should be able to get anything that you're missing.


Good question, Christopher.  Thus far, the numbers we are seeing are quite positive.

So far in June, visits to MaplePrimes are up 25% when compared to the same period last year.  Even more encouraging, the number of "single access" visits (i.e., sessions where a user visits only one page and then leaves) has dropped 38%.  The way we interpret these numbers is that people are visiting the site more often than last year (visits up 25%), and are engaging with the content at a greater level (single access down 38%).

One note that these numbers filter out the new blog section as well as traffic from anyone inside Maplesoft.


The main reason for renaming 'blogs' to 'posts' had nothing to do with us integrating the Maplesoft blog into MaplePrimes.  The renaming was done to (hopefully) encourage more people to write about things that interest them. The word 'blog' is a loaded term for some people, and they feel that every blog post needs to be well thought out, original and updated regularly.  So while the functionality of the posts is almost identical to how the blogs worked on old Primes, we thought we would try rebranding it a little more casually in order to generate more submissions.  Time will tell as to whether this rebranding effort works, but so far we are quite happy with what we've seen.

Also, you can view all the posts for a particular member, making it work exactly as the blog section did in old Primes.  So, for example, if you want to see all of the posts submitted by me, you can do so by clicking on the 'posts' tab on my profile page.

@hirnyk Good point.  I converted it to a question.

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