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I rewrite my code with Grid library using local vCPU of amazon 

discover no license of distributed HPC when setup command show need go to

can Grid still be used and function with local 96 number of vCPU?

then when I test code, I can not pkill mserver in ps -aux in LInux 

can the performance really improved ? Because I suppose 3 to 5 minutes mserver will end and disappear from ps -aux but grid node of mserver still running

originally I can run 100 batches every day., but I have to monitor decrease of memory in order to determine whether can kill mserver for next batch 

I expect run 400 batches per day. But Can not kill mserver when using grid

In my code I had using time limit(30, ...) 

when using Grid seq of function , can lprint work normally to get results into text ?

i notice Grid up to 57, do I need to recalculate and revise code to fit 96 vCPU for grid number 96?

How can maple be trusted app when window 10 device guard enabled?

Is there like   Library available in maple for enumerate in for loop?

i would like to like shift 9 times and create 100 mapping for each sequence 

I find some book named automatic construction of graph for CAD

Then searched some paper related with it about geometric constraint solver

then find YouTube has AutoCAD can automatic design

Do maple has these things?

I have no idea in design, which input should be for these automatic design from nothing?

is there any mechanical knowledge as constraint by default in this automatic design?

F(n,n+1),2) = F(Product(x, k=1..n), 2)

how to solve function F?


Above equation is wrong, below is newly updated 

Expect F is product operator

F(2,3) + 2 = F(2,4)

F(3,4) + 3 = F(3,5)

solve([ F(1,2)+1=F(1,3), F(n,n+1) + n = F(n,n+2), F(n,n+1)= F(summation(k,k=1..n),2)],F) assuming n > 0

Expect F is new operator
solve([ F(1,2)*1=F(1,3), n*F(n,n+1) = F(n,n+2), F(n,n+1)= F(product(k,k=1..n),2)],F) assuming n > 0

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