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i interpolate data and result in 96 equations

and then solve them and saved their roots into Vector roo, each of roo has 3 roots

and would like to animate first root of 96 equations, second root of 96 equations to see how roots move 

however meet difficulty when animate, how to animate this

moreover, is it possible to slow down the anime when playing it

> roo; Vector(4, {(1) = ` 1 .. 99 `*Vector[column], (2) = `Data Type: `*anything, (3...

> rtable_num_elems(FindRepetitions([1, 2, 1]));

Error, rtable expected

> rtable_num_elems(convert(FindRepetitions([1, 2, 1]),list));

hope to use if statement to check if number of repetition great than 0 then set true

1. which command can check the result of solve command has repeated roots?

2. which command can check the result of solve command has zero roots? is it only find whether contains zero in the list? which command is to check contains zero in the result in solve 



SetCoordinate(cartesian[x, y, z]);

F := VectorField(<x^2,y^2,z^2>);


Error, (in VectorCalculus:-VectorField) no coordinate names were given

Error, (in Vector) dimension parameter is required for this form of initializer

g1 := Vector([1, 1]);g2 := Vector([x+y, 0]);g3 := Vector([y^2+1, 0]);g4 := Vector([0, y^3+y]);g5 := Vector([0, x-y]);

i pass and tdeg(x, y, h251, h252, h253, h254, h255) to Basis

failed in Maple 15

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