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can not raise the datalimit above hard limit


my new notebook has 32GB memory


do i need to assign datalimit with kernelopts?


I remember i set a trick to protected this file

now I can read and run 

but return above error

does it mean that I do not need to set limit?

Minimise(eq1, {eq2>=0,eq3>=0,eq4>=0, a1<>0,a2<>0,a3<>0,a4<>0})

can not handle strict inequalities error



Is there extendable combinatorics experiment architect system design

such as new method can combine or use with old method and find relationship between them , these kind of big data system design in combinatorics experiment design?

how to express eigenvector or eigenvalues in terms of fibonacci or lucas or golden ratio?

fibonacci ratio has many 

f(n)/f(n-1) , all eigenvector can not divided by any one of them


how to verify lambda calculus is computable and realizable in maple?

is it possible to realize lambda calculus into algebra ?

how to use β-reduction to convert algebra function into lambda calculus?

is there a way to convert back ?

how to combine multiple lambda calculus into one lambda calculus and check computable and then convert back to algebra function?

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