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Seldom to ask question after retired math hobby Just waiting for beauty who born in 1994 And waited for her email to What is the difference in ownership among different universe?

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can maplesim simulate a robot arm and hand catch a throwing ball and picking objects?

can maplesim simulate a balancing a robot legs?

will these simulation require complex formula to draw the robots arm and hand and maintain the joints stick together during motions?

can maplesim output the specification to autodesk for 3D print parts?

how much of a maplesim? 

i can not see the price in maple official site from Hong Kong area.

Starting from 3 points of a base, then got 3 lines equations.

If having 3 lines equations of a cone surface, how to find the surface equation of a cone?


I find many tools about differential 

i had some differential ideal

how to use these tools to research what application can be applied with differential ideals I discovered?

do math regex solver exist in this world?

expect to output a set of regex for pattern

and then use regex to generate condition or rules equations and then use sorting algorithm to find whether match all data

Question 1)
Maximize A + B <= 60
A - B = prime or 2^n
A or B can be prime or 2^n  * prime
A or B at least one of them is prime
Solve system for A and B
Question 2)
Maximize A + B + C <= 60
A - B = prime or 2^n 
B - C = prime or 2^n
A,B,C at least one of them is prime
A or B or C can be prime or 2^n * prime 
Solve system for A and B and C
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