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[[1,2],[5,7]]intersect [[1,2]]

return [1,2]

there is error when run this.

search start from a, b, c, ... for each sequence if input a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k

is there a function like accumulate in haskell in maple instead of using for loop?

would like to search something if found, then return the length of it searched from the starting position

when start from a search a from b to g whether is a,  if find , return the length from c to the found position,

when start from b search b from c to h whether is b,  if find , return the length from c to the found position


then save the length into a list

a b c d e f g

   b c d e f g h

      c d e f g h i

         d e f g h i j

            ef g h i j k


How do people test BIBD design in maple?

what are the different when using different field when test design ?

how to design a game that is suitable for the specified field of the design?




array out of range 

according to book, is this calculation?

how to calculate like the book do?


i use function

but not work

A list must have only 7 one and 50 zeros

length of list is fixed and equal 57

how to list all combination above?

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