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How to generate any possible points projective plane for sets of numbers?

bonus is any possible field

I have an equation

2*x + 3*x^3

would like to change to

x1 + x2 + x3*x4*x5 + x6*x7*x8 + x9*x10*x11

Even and odd complement each other

how to find other sequence which complement each other?

such as 3 sequences divided integers or 5 sequences divided whole integers

is there monomials creation method such that solve result about coefficient and power are integers when right side columns are sequences?


i find even multiplication numbers are always solved into integers coefficient and power.

is there any more other sequences?

if I choose six multiplication table sequence, 

what is this complement of six multiplication table sequence?

How to solve system of convolution equations in maple?

When x axis range is large, the graph display still small , how to expand the graph display in large size?

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