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I follow below question to generate binary sequence
but number of sequence is 6 not 5, why 011001 is wrong?

number of sequence should be catalan number.

how to generate this kind of sequence correctly?

For ecah positive integer n, how many 2n-digit binary sequence
 b1,b2,b2n with n "0" and n "1" are there such that
for each i=1,2,...2n, the number of "0" is larger than or equal 
to the number of "1" in the subsequence b1,b2,

source := permute(Flatten([seq([0,0,0,1,1,1], k=1..1)]), 6);
aavxa := []:
for z in source do
if Summation(z[k], k = 1 .. nops(z)) = 3 then
if z[nops(z)] = 1 and z[1] = 0 then
if Reverse(z) in aavxa then
aavxa := [op(aavxa), z];
end if:
end if:
end if:



how to dsolve when highest derivative at denominator?

For a from 1 to 2 do

convert(cat("k",a),symbol) := a;


Error : can not do assignment 

how to do ?

Eigenvector result is changing every time it run.

How to make eigenvectors result the same every time it run?


solve( sum((1/(1+x+x^2))*y^n, n=1..infinity) = 1, parametric=true, real);


How to solve two variables summation equation with parametric true or real triangularize?

how to solve for x and y?

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