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For example
input 3 lists


return [2,3],[5,2,3]

If maple can auto discover derived equations, 

then most variable are unknown name which may or may not be physics variable.

so, how to guess which physics data suitable for these look like meaningless variable?

or these tools only visualize the relationship of existing known equations?

How to use Fourier transform to extract the part of data which higher than near flat data no matter of scale such as very small decimal value?

would like to extract part when very small decimal small start to increasing or a noise start to appear in time series data.

and then highlight with rectangle in plot for that part of data.

if Fourier transform can not detect this noise or an increasing data or spike then return 0, if detected then return 1

2.22 *10^(-87)

2.55 *10^(-90)

would like to get 2.22 and 2.55 only by ignoring any power

how to do this?

is there any library or tools to design index of Grassmannian and its k and n for Schubert use?

is there any library to relate poset with index of Grassmannian and its k and n for Schubert use

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