Snap Delivered is here, I love this business model! Easy to understand everyone can earn money, Restaurants, Drivers, and Customers! Snap Delivered was founded in June of 2021. Paul Mikel is the CEO and Co-Founder. When I spoke to Paul what impressed me about him is his Vision. Paul is interested in saving restaurants in these difficult times as well as helping the average person earn some extra money in the restaurant delivery business. The home delivery market is exploding $100 billion now projected to expand to $200 billion by 2025. The pandemic has changed everything, people order more home delivery than ever. Small businesses like restaurants need a low-cost delivery service to stay in business. I was not aware until I talked to Paul that companies like DoorDash, UrberEats, and GrubHub gouge restaurants with fees ranging from 15% to 30% of the total order. So on a $100 order, the restaurant can pay up to $30 dollars in fees just for using the service. Snap Delivered only charges a flat $2 fee to the restaurant for any size order does not matter only $2. Plus restaurants can refer restaurants, drivers, and customers to the Snap Delivery Network and earn money on each delivery the restaurant, driver and/or customer makes, even if their restaurant was not where the food was bought. So it is a win for the restaurant for sure, but also the drivers not only get paid for the delivery plus supplemental fuel fees, but they also can refer other drivers, restaurants, and customers and earn money on them as well. So you might be asking so what does the customer get, well for only $10 a month the customer can get unlimited deliveries. Plus customers can refer restaurants, drivers, and other customers and earn off every delivery. What I love about this business model is that you are not selling a product, no auto-ship no special hoops you need to jump through just refer people to the Snap Delivered Network and get a commission every time they use the service. 68% of the people in the United States get restaurant delivery weekly, everyone has to eat. Snap Delivered has made it affordable and even gives you the opportunity to earn some money too.

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